Vertical turbine pumps extend the product range

In mid-2018 the KSB Group extended its portfolio offered worldwide by adding a comprehensive programme of vertical turbine pumps. The so-called B Pumps are multistage vertical turbine pumps with a submerged hydraulic system. The pump sets comprise a discharge casing assembly, a column pipe and a pump bowl assembly. In total, customers can choose from 17 sizes with three different impeller types.

The pump sets cover heads of up to 200 metres and flow rates of up to 720 litres per second. They are available with one to 25 stages, with stage casing diameters ranging from six to 24 inches. Various designs are on offer, enabling an above-floor or underfloor discharge. B Pumps can be driven by vertically mounted electric motors or via a right-angle gear with a horizontal Diesel engine or electric motor. The maximum permissible speed equals 3500 rotations per minute.

As standard the pumps are made of grey cast iron and steel. Special material variants can be completely made of stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel or customised materials. The intermediate bearings of the pump shafts are lubricated by the fluid handled. On request, they can be fitted with an external lubrication supply. The casing is designed for a pressure of 16 bar; the discharge flange dimensions are compliant with DIN, BS and ASME standards. On request pressure ratings above 16 bar can also be supplied. The maximum temperature of the fluid handled should not exceed 105 °C.

KSB B Pump Illustration: Various designs of the B Pump series are on offer, enabling an above-floor or underfloor discharge.  © KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal

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