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Globe valve


Control valve to DIN/EN based on standard type series BOA-Compact, BOA-SuperCompact, BOA-W, BOA-Compact EKB, BOA-Control IMS and BOA-Control IMS EKB, bonnetless pressure-retaining body, soft-seated. Leakage rate selectable from 0.05 % to drop-tight, Kvs values between 6.3 and 700 m³/h and closing pressures of up to 16 bar. With intelligent microprocessor-controlled and pre-set electric actuators providing actuating forces from 1000 N to 14,000 N; electronic configuration of flow characteristic, Kvs value, actuating signal and actuating time using PC tool or manual parameterisation unit. Customised configuration can be implemented at the KSB factory on request.
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Technical Data

  • Nominal pressure Hydr casingPN 6, PN 10, PN 16
  • Maximum nominal size TSGDN 200
  • Max allowed fluid temp TSG120 °C

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  • Individually programmable actuators programmed at the factory, for optimum adaptation to all applications
  • Maintenance-free design with stem sealed by EPDM profile ring
  • Soft-seated valve disc enables drop-tight shut-off.

Technical Data

  • Component functionShut off/control flow
  • Connection type InletFlange
  • Design concept DriveWith electric actuator
  • Mains frequency50 Hz
  • Mains voltage24 V, 230 V
  • Mtrl Hydraulic casingEN-GJL-250, EN-GJL-250-EKB
  • Nominal pressure Hydr casingPN 6, PN 10, PN 16
  • Maximum nominal size TSGDN 200
  • Minimum nominal size TSGDN 15
  • Max allowed fluid temp TSG120 °C
  • Min allowed fluid temp TSG-10 °C

Sectional Drawings


TitleFormatSizeLast change
DNV GL_TAP00001G6 (7101.73_EN)PDF0.092021/4/19
DVGW_NW-6150BQ0465 (7101.71_EN)PDF0.282021/4/19
TitleFormatSizeLast change
Declaration of Conformity (0570.8532_EN)PDF0.22021/4/19
TitleFormatSizeLast change
BOA-CVE C/CS/W/IMS/EKB/IMS EKB (7520.1_EN)PDF8.462021/9/16
TitleFormatSizeLast change
BOA-CVE Compact (7520.522_EN)ZIP0.072021/4/19
BOA-CVE IMS (7520.525_EN)ZIP0.082021/4/19
BOA-CVE W (7520.524_EN)ZIP0.072021/4/19
BOA-CVE IMS EKB (7520.526_EN)ZIP0.122021/4/19
BOA-CVE SuperCompact (7520.521_EN)ZIP0.072021/4/19
BOA-CVE Compact EKB (7520.523_EN)ZIP0.122021/4/19