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You have a target. We have the data.

KSB streamlines 3D planning for you by providing digital, planner-optimised product data records...

  • for building services pumps as well as valves for heating and cooling supply, drinking water and industrial applications (supply technology up to PN 40)
  • in BIM standards VDI 3805 and Revit
  • for all common file formats via the PARTcommunity multi-CAD product database
  • including in the commercially available planning programs such as liNear, Trimble Plancal Nova etc.

Access the following digital data for KSB's pumps and valves:

Revit data

Available shortly:

  • Family data records at type series level for downloading and importing into Revit-based planning solutions


  • Revit plug-in solution for direct on-the-fly access to the entire KSB product database

In the following software solutions data from KSB's pumps and valves is already pre-installed:


Pumps and valves

Furthermore our data records are compatible with further software solutions such as

  • C.A.T.S. Software
  • Dendrit Haustechnik-Software

Easy digital planning.

Our portfolio

High-quality product data that also includes meta information relevant for planning, design and use in addition to geometry data...

  • for building services pumps as well as valves for heating and cooling supply, drinking water and industrial applications (supply technology up to PN 40)
  • in BIM standards VDI 3805 and Revit (optimised for storage space and calculation)
  • for importing into your planning solution
  • provided for all commercially available planning solutions (automatic updates)

Your benefits

Save time and expenses in planning and tendering.

  • Access via all commercially available planning programs
  • Planning data is always current thanks to automatic updates
  • Precise, structured calculations and simulations in your planning tool
  • Better scheduling and costing
  • Support throughout the entire (BIM) planning process

Do your planning with our intelligent selection programs and configuration tools:

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KSBuilding Consult: The selection software designed specifically for planners in building services.

The new KSB selection tool assists you throughout the entire planning process ─ from the very first draft through to calculation. To this end, KSBuilding Consult offers you more options than ever before, including fast, intuitive product selection, integrated functions for calculating energy costs and operating data, and access to all relevant product information such as BIM/CAD data and typical tenders. Plan more efficiently than ever!


KSB EasySelect: The all-round program that covers every application.

The selection software for pumps and valves takes you step by step through the broad product range and shows you the solutions KSB recommends for your specific applications. Following selection, product-specific documents ─ including typical tenders and CAD files ─ can be downloaded. Registered users can order the configured products directly through the KSB Web-Shop. EasySelect: Simply the right choice.