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Service engineer with laptop connected to a pump


KSB’s analysis tools such as the KSB Sonolyzer® app support you in creating full transparency within your system and identifying potential savings in seconds.

Smartphone with KSB Sonolyzer® app

KSB Sonolyzer® app

With this app, KSB brings Industry 4.0 straight to your smartphone: In just a few seconds, the KSB Sonolyzer® can measure the noise frequency of an asynchronous motor and check whether there are potential energy savings to be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency.

UMA-S: The high-efficiency submersible motor for submersible borehole pumps

Minimising energy costs with UMA-S

With KSB’s UMA-S synchronous submersible motor you not only provide your submersible borehole pump with a powerful and reliable partner for all fluids and operating conditions. You will also be operating your submersible borehole pump more efficiently than ever before – continuously, for decades. Because the submersible motor keeps the energy and operating costs to a minimum and helps achieve top results.


Operation Tools

The latest software for your pumps and automation solutions alongside apps for optimising your system: KSB’s operation tools provide support in your day-to-day work.

Know How

Know How

As a leading supplier of pumps, valves and services, KSB boasts comprehensive expertise. This generates valuable know-how that KSB is happy to share with you.