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On/off control of pneumatic quarter-turn actuators and open/closed position signalling. Mounts directly on ACTAIR EVO / DYNACTAIR EVO actuators with a universal baseplate, providing a rugged, compact and integrated solution. Its integrated directional control valve eliminates the need for any pneumatic lines between AMTRONIC U and the actuator. The actuating time of the actuator can be set via AMTRONIC U's air flow reducer. AMTRONIC U can be connected to Profibus DP or AS-i field buses. AMTRONIC U has been specially developed to reduce control unit cabling. Connection via field bus enables both power supply and control information exchange with the process control system.

Main Applications

  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Energy
  • Industry

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  • A single aluminium base allows the positioner to be mounted directly on actuators of all sizes and generations, without installation components, ensuring direct control air supply without external piping.
  • With its modular design AMTRONIC U can be adjusted to customer requirements (limit switches, proximity sensors, field bus, heating resistor, actual-position feedback, etc.)
  • The fitted solenoid valve is protected from blows, corrosion and dust.

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