In-line pumps for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

Opt for state-of-the-art pump technology from KSB for your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Our extended range of high-efficiency in-line pumps covers all applications in this field. When you combine these with KSB’s comprehensive service portfolio and extras for an even higher energy efficiency, you will find that KSB offers the ideal solution for your requirements.

KSB in-line pumps for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning KSB in-line pumps for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

Slim and efficient – the benefits of an in-line pump

High performance, small footprint and flexible installation options are good reasons to opt for in-line pumps.

In-line pumps are designed with the suction nozzle and discharge nozzle on the same axis, with the same nominal diameter. This special type of centrifugal pump can be installed directly in the piping system. Due to the above characteristics in-line pumps have become well-established, especially in building services applications.

A huge advantage compared to conventional installation methods: the output of in-line pumps is high, also in confined spaces. Many models of in-line pumps can be installed in either a vertical or a horizontal position, which makes them very versatile when it comes to complex building structures such as skyscrapers requiring large pump heads.

Variants and applications of in-line pumps

In-line pumps are used in many building services applications, such as heating systems, air-conditioning systems, cooling circuits, service water supply systems, swimming pool systems, water supply and industrial recirculation systems.

Popular types of in-line pumps:

  • In-line pump with screwed connections (also called screw-ended pump)
  • In-line pump with flange connections (also called flanged pump)
  • In-line pump with welded connections (also called welded-in pump)

Some models are available as single pumps or twin pumps. Depending on the application and the discharge head to be generated, in-line pumps can be selected in single-stage or multistage design.

Like other pumps, in-line pumps are available as glanded (dry rotor) pumps and glandless (wet rotor) pumps. The selection depends on the application and the fluid to be pumped.

Since glandless pumps are much more quiet to operate, they are particularly suitable for areas where noise is to be kept down, for example in living quarters. They are also a good choice for low output requirements and when the fluid has to be completely sealed to atmosphere.

Glanded pumps achieve markedly higher efficiencies, which is why they are especially used for high output requirements and very large flow rates. As the motors of this design are not in contact with the fluid handled, this type of in-line pump is particularly suitable for aggressive fluids.

KSB Etaline – the right pump for each application

KSB's in-line pumps of the Etaline series are close-coupled pumps in in-line design. Thanks to their close-coupled design, these high-efficiency in-line pumps are ideal for space-saving installation in building services systems. In-line pumps by KSB are available in five design variants and a large range of different sizes and materials, with a variety of coatings. This type series offers the right solution for each application. From air-conditioning systems and cooling circuits to district heating systems covering large areas – KSB in-line pumps offer the ideal product for every requirement.

Etaline / Etaline Z – flexible by design

Etaline, Etaline Z, in-line pumps, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation Etaline / Etaline Z – flexible by design © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

With its 22 different sizes, a large selection of materials and the option of being installed in a horizontal or vertical position, Etaline is our flexible multitalent for the most diverse of applications. Etaline is available as a single pump or as a twin pump called Etaline Z.

Etaline L/DL – efficient by design

Etaline L, Etaline DL, in-line pumps, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation Etaline L/DL – efficient by design © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

No matter if you are planning to operate a heating or air-conditioning system, a cooling circuit, a water supply system, a service water supply system, a swimming pool or even an industrial recirculation system – the extremely economical design of the Etaline L in-line pump will keep your system's energy costs to a minimum. With its large range of impeller materials and diverse material variants Etaline L/DL can be optimally adjusted to every fluid. Through their large selection of materials and a total of 28 sizes Etaline L/DL pumps offer the right solution for your application.

Etaline R – large by design

Etaline R, in-line pumps, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation Etaline R – large by design © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

For especially large applications in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning an Etaline R in-line pump is the answer. Depending on the material variant, the pressure boundary and mechanical seal are designed for handling up to 16/25 bar and 140 °C. At the same time, the in-line pump is extremely energy-efficient and uses far less space than a baseplate-mounted pump.

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