A vaccine against clogging: the new waste water pumps from KSB

With overzealous shoppers leaving supermarket shelves empty of toilet paper, visitors to the smallest room in the house are left with little choice but to make do with kitchen towels, wet wipes or paper handkerchiefs. However, this creates a problem for waste water treatment plants which is spreading almost like a second epidemic.

View of a treatment tank Efficient and reliable waste water treatment with waste water pumps from KSB

The issue is that these hygiene products do not disintegrate in water, but form a stringy mass of solids which can cause clogging in waste water pumps. This results in malfunctions that jeopardise the economic efficiency and reliability of plant operation. But this is only the start: All kinds of absurd solids and objects find their way into the toilet although it is absolutely no place for them. From sneakers to plastic bottles: Municipal sewage treatment plants have seen it all – and continue to do so on a regular basis. Yet the challenges facing pump development for waste water engineering go far beyond this. Because alongside the goals of achieving improved operational reliability and offering non-clogging pumps, energy efficiency also plays a decisive role – especially in view of new directives and regulations in Europe and worldwide.

How can a pump achieve reliability AND efficiency?

Squaring this circle has long been KSB’s goal – by offering waste water pumps that work reliably with all types of contaminants (for example sand) and prevent clogging while delivering energy-efficient operation and minimising operating costs. For KSB, realising this ambition even more fully means taking waste water engineering to the next level – with the development of optimised hydraulic systems and motors for waste water pumps including the submersible pumps Amarex and Amarex KRT. KSB’s revised impeller designs in particular mark a major step forward. This new generation of impellers boosts hydraulic efficiency to previously unattainable levels and – thanks to a special design – prevents insoluble paper towels in the waste water from causing blockages or larger objects from clogging the pump. In addition, a wide range of designs, sizes and materials including cast iron and stainless steel ensure that these waste water pumps can be perfectly adapted to all applications in the field of waste water pumping and waste water treatment – whether for municipal drainage, industrial waste water treatment or handling highly abrasive and corrosive fluids. KSB has also made further improvements to its motors: They now meet the latest standards for high-efficiency motors in efficiency class IE3 and are characterised by particularly long service lives.

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Non-clogging waste water pumps from KSB: improved reliability – not just in times of crisis Non-clogging waste water pumps from KSB: improved reliability – not just in times of crisis

An important contribution to crisis mitigation and future-proofing

If pumps cannot clog, then they cannot cause malfunctions requiring costly maintenance. But this is not the only advantage of KSB’s new waste water pumps - they are also environmentally friendly and easy to repair. For example, straightforward recycling is available for all components, and non-toxic oils are used to ensure critical seal lubrication for the submersible pumps. In addition, the spare parts for certain models have been designed such that they can be used for all pump sizes. And in these times of crisis it goes without saying that KSB SupremeServ continues to offer its full range of services to waste water treatment plants and other operators in need of repairs – worldwide.
We may not always notice them – but infrastructural processes such as waste water treatment are essential in keeping our systems running. Ground-breaking waste water engineering from KSB helps to make them safer, more reliable and more resilient – even in exceptional circumstances. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can also find detailed information on our portfolio in our Product Catalogue. Die Tauchmotorpumpe Amarex

Amarex submersible motor pump
Die Tauchmotorpumpe Amarex KRT

Amarex KRT submersible motor pump


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