New high-efficiency pressure booster systems / ISH 2019

At ISH 2019 (11 to 15 March) the KSB Group will be exhibiting a whole range of new pressure booster systems. One of the new introductions is KSB Delta Solo, a type series of fully automatic, ready-to-connect single-pump systems.

Each system is fitted with a multistage Movitec pump and a motor-mounted frequency inverter. Output is adjusted to the demand by increasing or decreasing the speed.

The SVP variant is driven by a high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motor (0.55 to 7.5 kW) of the KSB SuPremE type series, designed for three-phase current, 400 volts, in combination with PumpDrive Eco. The more economical MPV variant (0.55 to 1.1 kW) has a three-phase IE3 motor which can be connected to a single-phase 230 V power supply. All type series require a mains frequency of 50 Hz.

The pump is started up by a pressure drop in the piping when a consumer installation is opened. When the pressure in the membrane-type accumulator rises again, KSB Delta Solo stops. Should lack of water occur in the inlet, the frequency inverter will automatically stop the motor to prevent any damage caused dry running.

All systems are supplied ready-to-connect, pre-assembled and factory-tested. This makes commissioning easy and fast for the service personnel. To prevent contamination of its components KSB Delta Solo is manufactured and assembled under stringent hygienic conditions.

The SVP variant has a pipe filling function enabling smooth, slow start-up of the system during commissioning or in the case of water loss in the piping system.

All wetted parts are made of stainless steel, brass or powder-coated materials. This results in corrosion resistance and a long service life. The systems are approved for drinking water to the French ACS and British WRAS regulations, which are amongst the strictest in all of Europe. The installed valves are approved in accordance with the German DVGW drinking water regulation.

What makes the newly designed non-return valve unique is that its length can be adjusted to enable easy removal of the pump for maintenance.

UPZ type series Photo: The SVP variant of the new KSB Delta Solo pressure booster systems is driven by high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motors of the KSB SuPremE type series. © KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal

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