Boiler feed pumps for Egypt

Late in April 2010, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany, received an order for the delivery of two large boiler feed pumps. The pump sets will be put to use in the power station of a fertilizer factory producing urea and granular urea which is located in the Egyptian town of Ain Sukhna. A German plant engineering contractor takes care of the expansion of the production capacities there.

Each of the two pump sets will be driven by a powerful 1700 kW high-voltage motor. The maximum flow rate of the machines will be about 250 cubic metres per hour and the maximum head around 1700 metres. One complete pump set will weigh approximately thirteen tonnes.

Reasons for placing the order with the German pump manufacturer included the extremely short delivery time as well as KSB’s proven track record in Egypt and around the world. This is the first contract the German pump manufacturer was awarded by this customer.

The building site is situated about 50 kilometres south of Suez, in a special economic zone receiving extra government aid.

HGC-pumps-Egypt-picture HGC pumps of the type that KSB will supply to the power station of a fertilizer factory in the Egyptian town of Ain Sukhna, 50 kilometres south of Suez. © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

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