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Submersible motor pumps from KSB lift waste water from a depth of 92 metres in St. Petersburg

A cleaner Baltic Sea – this was the initial idea behind the waste water disposal project for this millions-strong metropolis. Today, 19 Amarex KRT pumps ensure that up to 98 percent of the city’s waste water is treated in a waste water treatment plant before being discharged into the Baltic Sea.

St Petersburg

The project: A waste water pumping station for St. Petersburg

The metropolis of St. Petersburg with its almost 5 million inhabitants is located directly on the Baltic Sea coast at the mouth of the river Newa. The aim of this ambitious project was to ensure that all waste water being discharged into the Baltic Sea is first processed in a waste water treatment plant. In achieving this goal, the city of St. Petersburg was also seeking to fulfil the demanding requirements of Helcom – an intergovernmental commission of countries on the Baltic Sea – and make an effective contribution to keeping the Baltic Sea clean.

The St. Petersburg waste water pumping station was planned as the centrepiece of a twelve kilometre-long tunnel system designed to transport millions of litres of waste water to a waste water treatment plant

The challenge: A complete solution for pumping waste water from a great depth

This project featured specific challenges in two distinct areas:

On a technical level: the construction of a waste water pumping station in a shaft structure capable of lifting the waste water of a metropolis of millions from a depth of 92 metres so that it could flow to the waste water treatment plant via a tunnel system.

And in terms of logistics, the customer decided to opt for a solution “from a single source”. As well as supplying the submersible motor pumps, drives and frequency inverters, KSB thus had to also provide all downstream services including supervision for the waste water disposal project. Hydraulic planning and engineering services including sophisticated physical model testing were also part of the comprehensive package provided by KSB.

Control cabinets for control equipment

Control cabinets for control equipment

The solution: Waste water pumps for the most stringent requirements

A total of 19 robust pumps from the tried-and-tested Amarex KRT waste water range including control systems and frequency inverters are now in use for waste water disposal in St. Petersburg. KSB individually tailored the waste water pumps’ hydraulic systems to the special requirements of the pumping station. The pumps driven by dry-installed submersible motors with a power rating of 700 kW each transfer the waste water from a depth of 92 metres into a tunnel system – from here it flows by gravity into the waste water treatment plant.

With this waste water treatment project, KSB has made a substantial contribution to ensuring that today up to 98 percent of the waste water generated by the St. Petersburg’s millions of inhabitants can be fully treated.

The waste water project was developed on the basis of close cooperation between Russia and Finland. The Finnish state was involved from the outset and played a key role in the project’s funding. Furthermore, KSB used Finnish expertise for the control systems. The waste water pumping station was completed and handed over in 2013, the International Year of Water Cooperation. The aim of this special year was to raise awareness of the challenges of the water industry and the rising demand for water as a valuable resource. The operators of the plant also wanted to encourage people to become more conscious about how they use water.

Main pumps Amarex KRT K 400-710

Main pumps Amarex KRT K 400-710

Data I Facts I Figures

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Products used: 19 Amarex KRT waste water pumps, 700 kW
  • Year: 2013

Used product

Amarex KRT

Amarex KRT

Horizontal or vertical single-stage submersible motor pump in close-coupled design, with various next-generation impeller types, for wet or dry installation, stationary or transportable version, with energy-saving motor and models for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

KSB – 産業用バルブとポンプの世界トップレベルのメーカー

KSB は 1871 年にフランケンタール(ドイツ)で創立され、100 年以上にわたりポンプや産業用バルブのトップメーカーとしての地位を確立しています。世界中に 15,500 名以上の従業員を抱え、独自の販売会社、製造工場、サービス会社を持ち、さまざまな用途に向けてカスタマイズされたポンプを開発、製造しています。

経験豊富な当社のさまざまな製品が、建築物管理、産業技術、水輸送、廃水処理、発電所プロセスといった分野で使用されています。革新的な研究開発により、KSB はお客様のさまざまな要求にお応えすることが可能です。有名なポンプメーカーとして、KSB には長年にわたる経験と技術的なノウハウが備わっています。

ポンプ・バルブのKSB : お客様に最高の製品を
ポンプでは標準的な水ポンプであるEtanorm をはじめとする数々のシリーズを設けております。