Amaprop submersible mixer used for energy-efficient biogas production

The low speed of the Amaprop horizontal submersible mixer ensures energy-efficient and reliable biogas production.

Amaprop Amaprop The following features make for energy-efficient, reliable operation of the submersible mixer:

  • Low speed
  • Optimised hydraulic system – enhanced thrust at reduced energy
  • Break-resistant propeller
  • Moisture protection thanks to absolutely water-tight cable entry
  • Temperature sensor for motor temperature monitoring

The Amaprop submersible mixer is markedly more energy-efficient than higher-speed mixing equipment. Investment in biogas production using a low-speed Amaprop mixer (agitator) pays off within less than six months.  Amaprop_table_img

Benefits of the horizontal Amaprop submersible mixer at a glance:


  • Efficient bulk flow in large fluid volumes


  • Propeller blades made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin with metal hub insert and protective gel coating.


  • Two bi-directional mechanical seals with oil reservoir filled with ecologically acceptable oil.


  • Leakage chamber between oil chamber and gear unit
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