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Etanorm low-pressure centrifugal pump (1963)

The mother of all standardised pumps

The energy-saving, single-stage volute casing pump for industrial applications sets standards. Due to its outstanding efficiency, the type series is given the name Eta: The Greek letter stands for efficiency in the technical field. Special feature: By trimming the impeller, every customer gets their own, customised pump. Production, however, is standardised to the highest level.

Eta – a classic sales hit: New market requirements, new insights from fluid mechanics and cavitation research as well as from materials and production technology result in repeated optimisations over the decades. This is how Eta continues to be successful generation after generation. In 1968, KSB launches the standardised Etanorm pump.

Today, KSB produces Eta pumps at locations in Germany, India, Pakistan, China and South Africa. With over 100,000 units sold per year, Eta pumps are available in 43 different sizes and are the company’s most successful product.