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Acceptance test codes

The term "acceptance test codes" refers to the guidelines for carrying out an acceptance test. These are generally stipulated in the form of a standard.

What the acceptance test codes contain

  • Stipulations concerning technical guarantees and their fulfilment
  • Recommendations concerning preparation for and performance of guarantee checks
  • Recommendations for drafting the test/acceptance report
  • Definition of all the quantities that need to be measured and calculated (speed, pressure, torque, head, flow rate, NPSH values, power input and efficiency) in order to verify that all the guaranteed values specified in the contract of sale have been achieved
  • Description of the permissible metrology methods for verifying the guaranteed values as well as the permissible procedures for carrying out and evaluating the measurements while taking account of the overall measurement uncertainty
  • Stipulations for the comparison of measurement results with guaranteed values and the drawing of conclusions from this comparison 

Recognised acceptance test codes

  • DIN EN ISO 9906 Rotodynamic pumps: Hydraulic performance acceptance tests - Grades 1 and 2
  • Hydraulic Institute (HI) Standards, Section: Centrifugal pumps, test standards (Cleveland, USA)

Under the leadership of the VDMA (German Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineering), a new version of DIN EN ISO 9906 is currently being drafted that also incorporates elements from the Hydraulic Institute standards. The aim is to have one standard that can be applied worldwide when carrying out acceptance measurements.

In addition to the recognised acceptance test codes, the following regulations are used for assessment purposes in specific scenarios:

Regulations for special cases

  • DIN 4325 Field acceptance tests of storage pumps
  • IEC Recommendation, Publication 198, International Code for the Field Acceptance Test of Storage Pumps
  • API Standard 610: Centrifugal Pumps for General Refinery Services, Section 4: Inspection + Tests; Section 5: Guarantee + Warranty
  • ASME PTC 8.2 Centrifugal Pumps Power Test Code
  • DIN 1184 Pumping stations
  • DIN 4047-2 Water engineering of agricultural lands



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