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Comprehensive pump monitoring with KSB Guard

KSB Guard: The smart monitoring service for your pumps

Achieve: Comprehensive transparency, increased availability and operating reliability as well as efficient operation

Your all-in service package: Equip your pumps with the KSB Guard monitoring solution and we'll take care of the rest.

Your path to a green future: You get your hands on a climate-neutral product and optimise your carbon footprint.

Saving money can be this inexpensive.

Act now! The benefits of the smart monitoring service with KSB Guard could not be any greater: You gain transparency about the status of your equipment, prevent impending damage and uncover potential for saving energy as well as reducing CO from fixed-speed pumps.

Our KSB Guard monitoring service is available as a prepaid package (without contract commitment).

Minimum investment, maximum benefit. 

Smart monitoring service: Figures, data and facts

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Your new back office: The KSB Guard Monitoring Center

Increased vibrations and elevated temperatures are often the first warning signs of impending problems. Ongoing recording of pump data is therefore the starting point for the smart monitoring service with KSB Guard: 

Experienced, certified experts from the KSB Guard Monitoring Center keep an eye on the data generated by your pumps. Should any conspicuous measured values be detected, the specialists search for the root cause. Detailed analyses allow them to draw conclusions regarding the causes of anomalies. 

Be it bearings, (shaft) alignment or the hydraulic system ─ once the cause has been identified, the monitoring experts clarify the measures to be taken with you and organise their implementation on request. The monitoring service with KSB Guard thereby ensures damage control in two ways as problems are fixed before cost-intensive malfunctions occur.

In short: The smart monitoring service from KSB allows you to expand your service team with proven KSB specialists. Experts from different disciplines are always there for you ─ in the KSB Guard Monitoring Center, KSB One. automation support and service.

Your benefits at a glance

The most important thing about a pump station is its reliable, trouble-free and economical operation. The KSB Guard monitoring service offers you an entire range of benefits in this respect:

  • Transparency of your machine data ─ via the well laid out dashboard 
  • More operating reliability for your system 
  • Increased availability of your pumps and other rotating equipment 
  • More efficient operation – for more sustainability and fewer CO2 emissions 
  • Optimised maintenance management – as a starting point for predictive maintenance


What is KSB Guard?

KSB Guard is a smart solution for monitoring various pump populations. 
The solution comprises easy-to-install, economically priced sensors and a software connected to the Cloud. The data is transmitted between the machinery and the Cloud via the mobile phone network and does not depend on specific infrastructure.

What can I use it for? 

It allows you to live monitor the status data for most of your pumps, irregardless of manufacturers. This helps you optimise your maintenance strategies, detect any anomalies at an early stage and prevent damage as well as failures.

What does KSB Guard do to help?    

Via temperature and vibration sensors KSB Guard checks whether your pump is running properly. It displays the measured data in the KSB Guard web portal or app. It is a smart solution that alerts you when status data exceed the limit you have set. Even in busy times, you can simply cast a glance at the web portal or app. In this way you will always be informed about the condition of your pump population and can optimise operation and maintenance.

How do I install the hardware?

You can mount the gateway on the wall, for example. You will need to connect it to the power supply. Fit the sensor unit using its magnetic connection and adhesive. When the sensor unit has been fastened in place, connect it to the transmission and battery unit with a cable and activate it. When the unit is activated, you can assign your machinery in the web portal or app. 

Installation and commissioning are straightforward: you can easily carry them out yourself.                                                                                             

Additional Note : It is important to check that a strong mobile network signal is present at the gateway (this is indicated by the LEDs on the gateway).

We will guide you through the process step by step in this video:

Is KSB Guard difficult to use?

No, KSB Guard comes with a user-friendly software. When assigning your machinery you are guided through the app step by step, so nothing can go wrong. At your convenience you can either use the app on your phone or the web interface from your desk.