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Explosion-proof and smart

KSB now offers smart monitoring solutions for pumps and other rotating equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

KSB now offers smart monitoring solutions for pumps and other rotating equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Frankenthal, 24 March 2021: Over the last two years, KSB has developed a wide range of solutions to ensure pumps are ready for the digital age, including the product portfolio for the KSB Guard monitoring solution. Both the KSB Guard data interface and the KSB Guard monitoring service were launched on the market with great success and have proven their effectiveness in countless applications. KSB has now added a new hardware version to the solution for use with potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 1 with gas atmosphere).

Easy retrofit

The KSB Guard smart monitoring solution is designed for monitoring already installed pumps and is thus ideal for retrofitting – regardless of pump make. A sensor unit, comprising a vibration sensor and a temperature sensor, attached to the pump’s bearing bracket and/or drive lantern or to other rotating equipment records the relevant data. The transmission and battery unit wirelessly transmits the measurement data to a gateway which, in turn, transfers the data via encrypted mobile communication to the KSB Cloud. This is where the data is evaluated and processed. The user can then view the information in the KSB Guard app and on the KSB Guard web portal.

A brand new feature of the KSB Guard solution is the use of ATEX-certified hardware. The KSB Guard ATEX gateway is supplied in a flameproof enclosure. The external antennas can be screwed on directly or positioned elsewhere via an extension cable if necessary. The KSB Guard ATEX sensor unit and KSB Guard ATEX transmission and battery unit are intrinsically safe (Ex-i). Both solutions are also suitable for outdoor installation thanks to robust lithium thionyl chloride batteries with a service life of 5 to 8 years in conjunction with 60-minute measurement intervals.

From reactive to proactive maintenance 

Users of the KSB Guard solution benefit from higher operating reliability and transparency, for example by being notified whenever limit values are exceeded. Thanks to trend analyses, impending damage can be detected at an early stage and prevented. The measured data can be viewed via the web portal or the app any time, anywhere, enabling maintenance work to be better planned. As well as making it easy for users to change from reactive to proactive maintenance, the solution also helps to identify potential energy savings.

KSB Guard paves the way for the world of Industry 4.0 which is based on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. A data science team ensures that the algorithms in the KSB Cloud and the data evaluation are continuously optimised.

The ATEX version will be presented at ACHEMA Pulse, the digital live event for the international ACHEMA community, on 16 June 2021 from 10:00 to 10:30.


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