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Our values, our strategy, our company

People. Passion. Performance. It is these three success factors that make KSB the company it is today.

Optimising proven technology, trying out new things, devising creative solutions and adapting to different markets with inspiring ideas. This has been firmly rooted in KSB’s DNA for more than 150 years.

People: It’s all about individuals

It goes without saying that being an international listed company means we also have to make a profit and want to achieve profitable growth. These objectives should be pursued in a sustainable manner, however. This is why we have put people first in our company’s 150th anniversary motto – People. Passion. Performance.

At KSB, we recognise that it is people who actually make the difference – the people we employ and the people we serve. This is why we are committed to equal rights and treatment worldwide and never lose sight of the aspects ecology and sustainability when manufacturing our products.

We are guided by globally recognised standards such as the German Corporate Governance Code and the UN Global Compact project with its 17 sustainability goals. Sometimes our own internal standards even exceed the regulations of the countries in which we do business.

We also plan and develop new plants rooted in the concept of sustainability. We likewise continuously rehabilitate our building stock while increasing the share of renewable energy as regards our global energy consumption. One of our recent milestones entailed converting our German locations entirely to green energy at the start of 2021.

Passion: Dedicated to the art of engineering

How do you stay innovative and successful for more than 150 years? Answer: By closely integrating tradition and innovation. KSB has been driven by the engineering skills of its employees ever since 1871, is very familiar with the markets it serves and ─ critically important ─ speaks the language of its customers. At KSB, we all share this passion, which in turn helps us create added value for our customers.

Throughout the company’s history, our engineers have developed ever more sophisticated pumps and valves to meet increasingly high requirements. In addition to complex and customised solutions, this also encompasses the Eta standardised water pump, which was launched back in 1935 and is still offered by KSB to this day ─ albeit in a much more modern format.

Passion: Dedicated to the art of engineering
Performance: Efficient solutions for every challenge

Performance: Efficient solutions for every challenge

After more than 150 years, we can now, more than ever, say that quality and reliability are at the heart of our corporate strategy. Our customers can rely on us to tackle and solve any challenge by leveraging on our market knowledge, understanding of customer requirements, decades of experience in manufacturing pumps and valves and our own research and development.

For us, performance means much more than just efficiency. A holistic and sustainable company, we also tap into our engineering skills to develop products that are particularly energy-efficient and reliable.

Minimal downtime and low energy consumption are key factors for economical operation and represent the best argument backing pumps and valves from KSB.

Digital solutions for greater efficiency and ecological compliance

Innovation will to continue to remain the backbone of our DNA. This also includes exploiting the benefits of digitalisation early on. Today, our pumps are networked and capable of communicating, and our processes and customer communication are digitalised.

Digital solutions ensure that our pumps operate more efficiently by adjusting their speed to the respective workload, for example.

This optimised energy consumption not only translates into lower costs for our customers, but also reduces their ecological footprint while having a positive effect on CO2 emissions.

Digital solutions for greater efficiency and ecological compliance
KSB is striving to grow sustainably and profitably

KSB is striving to grow sustainably and profitably

KSB’s objective is to continue growing sustainably as well as profitably on into the future ─ in the interests of our employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers.

In the six Market Areas of General Industry, Mining, Energy, Building Services, Petrochemicals/Chemicals and Water, we continue to drive innovation, devise solutions and shape the future of our company together with our customers and employees true to our motto of People. Passion. Performance.