From one single supplier we offer pumps and valves, spare parts and service activities. Irrespective of what you are looking for, you will surely find it here.

Tank in a waste water treatment plant

Waste Water Technology

Wherever people live or work, waste water is produced, and reliable systems must be in place to ensure it is removed and cleaned. Only then can it be returned to the natural water cycle.

Clear water flowing through a sump into a tank

Water Technology

Reliable pumps and valves, innovative technology, comprehensive service: KSB is an expert in reliable and efficient water extraction, water treatment and water distribution.

Industry equipment from KSB: pumps and valves for industrial applications

Industry Technology

Industrial pumps and industrial valves from KSB are designed for almost all applications in industry and work under the harshest conditions while achieving the highest levels of reliability.

High-quality products for Chemicals Production

Chemicals Production

Chemical pumps have to withstand extremely harsh conditions. Aggressive fluids push machines and materials to their limits. But KSB’s products can withstand this demanding environment.

Skyline of a city located at a river bank

Building Services

Building services applications require all-in solutions with a long-term pay off. KSB offers you a broad portfolio of efficient pumps, valves and systems.


Energy Technology

In energy technology applications, smooth operation and absolute reliability are essential. This is exactly what KSB’s products deliver. And this has made KSB a leader on the global market.

GIW® slurry pumps are tailored to your exact needs


GIW® slurry pumps can handle even the harshest pumping conditions in mining.

Dredger in operation


GIW® Minerals pumps deliver dredging solutions that boost productivity and profits. GIW® Minerals dredge pumps are designed to handle the complex and variable challenges of dredging worldwide.

High-quality products for Oil and Gas Technology

Oil and Gas Technology

In onshore and offshore extraction, in refineries, intermediate storage and downstream applications – KSB products make sure our natural resources are processed safely and reliably.