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Reverse Engineering for pumps and valves

Reverse Engineering

Rapid reproduction of spare parts

Reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly reproduce pump spare parts that are hard to find or no longer available.

Reproduction of spare parts thanks to reverse engineering: with quality matching the original

You are in urgent need of a spare part to keep your system running. However, the manufacturer may no longer offers spare parts. The delivery period may be too long. Or you may wish to replace parts with new components with an improved structural or hydraulic design or higher-grade materials. In all these situations, KSB is your partner of choice for reverse engineering solutions – for valves, pumps and other rotating equipment.

Whether the part to be replaced is a turned part, a casting, a milled or welded component: thanks to reverse engineering the reproduction of spare parts is straightforward – regardless of the make. All you have to do is provide KSB with the exact dimensions or a sample of the part to be replaced. Even badly worn parts can often be reproduced. Pumps for water applications or boiler feed pumps in particular can benefit from retrofit solutions from KSB’s engineering services.

KSB will supply an exact copy, finish-machined and in KSB’s proven quality. In addition to the usual certifications (DIN EN ISO 9001), KSB also meets the most stringent requirements thanks to KTA or SCCP  approvals.

Manufacturing programme

Casings, impellers, diffusers, shafts, shaft protecting sleeves, casing wear rings, covers, bearing brackets, fan impellers, propellers, end shields (motor), wedge discs, bonnets, seat rings, valve plugs/discs, stems, pumps and valves manufactured as replacements and many more.

Our portfolio

  • Creation of CAD models as the basis for future reproduction
  • Perfect reproduction of spare parts including turned and cast parts
  • Reproduction of spare parts – regardless of manufacturer
  • Reproduction in accordance with all approval requirements

Your benefits

  • Replacements for original parts that are no longer available
  • Short delivery times
  • Longer service life thanks to upgraded design, higher-grade materials or KSB’s special materials
  • Improved efficiency
  • New operating point possible
3D printing for pumps and valves

3D Printing

3D printing opens up new possibilities in spare parts procurement. An ideal solution if you need a spare part quickly.

  • Additive manufacturing of spare parts
  • Swift delivery