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MIL 10000 Globe valve
Globe valve

MIL 10000

The top- and bottom-guided double-ported control valve is characterised by a high permissible pressure drop across the valve. The high flow capacity typical of this design is attained with low pressure recovery. Bi-directional flow is permitted; wide flow passage, suitable for viscous fluids.

Technical Data

  • Nominal pressureCL 150, CL 300, CL 600, CL 900, CL 1500
  • Max. nominal sizeNPS 16
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature454 °C

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Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Design concept DriveWith electric actuator, Hydraulic, With pneumatic actuator
  • Nominal pressureCL 150, CL 300, CL 600, CL 900, CL 1500
  • Max. nominal sizeNPS 16
  • Min. nominal sizeNPS 3/4
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature454 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-29 °C

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