BOA-H Globe valve
Globe valve


Bellows-type globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, with on/off disc or throttling plug, standard position indicator with colour coding for identification of valve design, replaceable valve disc; bellows protected when valve is in fully open position; seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant chrome steel or chrome nickel steel.
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Technical Data

  • Nominal pressurePN 16, PN 25
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 350
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature350 °C


  • High operating comfort at no extra charge: position indicator with travel stop and locking device outside the insulation. Valve disc position can be checked at any time.
  • Optimum start-up and throttling due to standard throttling plug up to DN 100 (seat-guided V-port plug optionally available for all valve sizes to meet maximum throttling requirements).
  • When the valve is fully open, the bellows is confined within the valve body, protected from pressure surges.

Material number list – BOA-H

17 products
NameNominal pressureNominal size InletStraight-way patternDisc/Plug designDrive conceptProduct packagingWeightMaterial numberPrice
BOA-H PN 16 DN 15 5.1301 DKPN 16DN 15Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout3.1 Kilogram48872063
BOA-H PN 16 DN 20 5.1301 DKPN 16DN 20Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout4 Kilogram48872064
BOA-H PN 16 DN 25 5.1301 DKPN 16DN 25Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout4.7 Kilogram48872065
BOA-H PN 16 DN 32 5.1301 DKPN 16DN 32Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout7.3 Kilogram48872066
BOA-H PN 16 DN 40 5.1301 DKPN 16DN 40Straight-way patternThrottling plugWith handwheelWithout7.7 Kilogram48872067


TitleFormatSizeLast change
icon download-pdf2-page product description BOA-H (7150.022_EN)pdf1.295/24/2019
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icon download-pdfDeclaration of Conformity (0570.8524_EN)pdf0.25/24/2019
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icon download-pdfFlow characteristics BOA-H (7150.4_EN)pdf2.895/24/2019
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icon download-pdfType series booklet BOA-H (7150.1_EN)pdf2.088/15/2020
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BOA-H JL (7150.521_EN)zip0.025/28/2020
BOA-H JS PN 16 (7150.522_EN)zip0.025/28/2020
BOA-H JS PN 25 (7150.523_EN)zip0.015/28/2020

Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Connection typeFlange
  • Design concept DriveWith handwheel
  • Casing material1821, 1877
  • Nominal pressurePN 16, PN 25
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 350
  • Min. nominal sizeDN 15
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature350 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-10 °C
  • Valve body typeAngle valve with flanged ends, Straight-way vlv w.flngd ends

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