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Drinking water supply to 300,000 people – thanks to KSB pumps

Spannenburg is home to the biggest drinking water treatment plant in the Netherlands. KSB pumps supply several millions of litres of drinking water to over 300,000 people every day.

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The project: The biggest drinking water treatment plant in the Netherlands

Spannenburg in the province of Friesland is home to the biggest drinking water treatment plant operated by the Vitens company in the Netherlands. Every day the company treats several millions of litres of water to supply to over 300,000 people.

The customer: Drinking water supplier Vitens, Netherlands

Via its 49,000 kilometre network of pipes, Dutch water company Vitens supplies 330 million cubic metres of drinking water to around 5.6 million customers every year. Vitens is the largest drinking water supplier in the Netherlands.

The challenge: Clean drinking water for 300,000 people

Due to the country's geography, life in the Netherlands is strongly influenced by water. In addition to protection against flooding, the Netherlands has been focussing on the development of efficient and sustainable drinking water systems for many years. Systems with long-term reliability are needed for extracting, treating and supplying water to the people.

The priority of Vitens as a water supplier is to provide its customers with first-class water quality at all times – with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. From water extraction and treatment through to distribution, it must be ensured that all processes are designed to be as safe, sustainable and economical as possible.

The solution: The Spannenburg drinking water treatment plant

To meet these objectives, the company works closely together with independent institutes, the national authorities as well as partner companies and suppliers like KSB.

For its drinking water treatment plant in Spannenburg, Vitens opted for six Omega volute casing pumps and services from KSB. Positive experiences from previous joint projects with KSB were a key factor in this decision.

Today, the drinking water treatment plant supplies several million litres of fresh drinking water to over 300,000 people in the Netherlands every day.

“Thanks to the excellent support provided by KSB, we were able to choose the right pumps for our processes. KSB pumps impress with their long service life and efficiency. The total cost of ownership also plays an important role for us. As the pumps operate extremely reliably, we haven’t yet needed to contact KSB’s service department.”

Jan Jager, technical specialist at Vitens

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  • Location: Spannenburg, Netherlands
  • Client: Vitens
  • Application: Water treatment
  • Project data: 

    KSB products used:
    6 x Omega pumps
    Fluid handled:
    Output: 25 million m3/year

Products used



卧式或立式安装的单级纵向剖分蜗壳泵,带双吸径向叶轮,连接法兰符合 DIN、EN 或 ASME 标准。

KSB – 全球领先的工业阀门和泵制造商之一

KSB 于 1871 年在德国弗兰肯塔尔成立,100 多年以来一直是居于领先地位的泵和工业阀门制造商。KSB 在世界各地共有 15,500 多名员工,并且拥有自己的销售公司、制造厂和服务企业,KSB为各种应用开发和生产量身定制的泵。

作为经验丰富的泵制造商,其产品的应用涵盖建筑技术、工业技术、输水、污水净化以及发电站的各个工序。凭借创新研发,KSB 有能力满足千差万别的客户要求。作为知名的泵制造商,KSB 拥有长年积累的经验和专有技术知识。

凯士比泵制造: 你工厂最好的方案

KSB 的备件水力性能、材料技术和自动化是泵制造商 KSB 的技术强项,这也正是其高性能泵的成功秘笈。

由于拥有众多生产设备,泵制造商 KSB 可以确保贴近客户并提供一流的服务。拥有丰富经验的持证专家确保优异的质量。KSB 服务部门可承担现场调试、检查、保养和维护您的泵、阀门和整套设备的任务。KSB 同样能保证快速交付备件。因此您可以直接从泵制造商处获得最佳服务。