Technical consultancy for pumps and valves

Comprehensive consultancy meets system optimisation

As a full-range supplier, KSB is on hand to advise you in every stage of the life cycle of your product or system.

Technical Consultancy

Comprehensive consultancy meets system optimisation

As a full-range supplier, KSB is on hand to advise you in every stage of the life cycle of your product or system.

When it comes to system optimisation, you can rely on a partner who knows what matters

Today’s systems are so complex that only a holistic approach can identify optimisation potential and improve efficiencies. Technical consultancy from KSB delivers exactly what you need for system optimisation: integrated consultation combining process-related application knowledge with broad technical competence covering every stage of your system’s life cycle.

At KSB, technical consultancy customers are treated as partners, and consulting projects are designed to address their specific needs with regard to all relevant components whether these are pumps, valves or other rotating equipment. In implementing this approach, KSB draws on expertise from all of its specialist departments – from Design/Engineering and Materials Technology to Production. KSB’s experts can be counted on to develop customised and cost-effective solutions.

From planning to decommissioning, from pumping equipment and automation products all the way to digital solutions for preventive maintenance, and from maintenance to retrofitting: KBS’s technical consultancy specialists are on hand to help you develop a solution that will optimise or adapt your system to changed conditions, achieve energy savings or extend the service life of your rotating equipment.

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Technical consultancy regarding pump optimisation

Our portfolio

  • Technical and process-related consultancy within the scope of system planning for products and systems
  • Support during commissioning: installation, alignment and system start
  • Professional support during operation for monitoring, servicing and preventive maintenance
  • Rapid assistance during repair procedures including implementation of optimisation measures
  • Advice on refurbishment and decommissioning – from the dismantling and replacement of components all the way to removal

Your benefits

  • Energy savings via system optimisation
  • Reduced COemissions
  • Increased system availability thanks to digital monitoring solutions
  • Cost savings via prolonged service life
  • Bespoke solutions for individual requirements and needs
  • Expert advice thanks to manufacturer know-how
  • Materials expertise derived from in-house research 
Identification of energy-saving potential (Sonolyzer)

Identification of Energy-Saving Potential

KSB Sonolyzer® is a smartphone app from KSB which analyses the motor sound of your asynchronous motor to identify whether your pump is operating efficiently or whether too much energy is being consumed.

  • Free download
  • Analysis within seconds
Pump repair

Pump Repair

KSB offers professional and fast service for pumps of any make and, if required, can modernise them to the latest technological standards. KSB also provides this service for explosion-proof pump sets.

  • For all makes
  • Pump set service

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