Comprehensive solution for mining market in Indonesia

A major step forward for continuous improvement and sustainability by KSB Indonesia, a range of pump sets for dewatering and dredge ensuring an optimum and specified process for mining market. In addition, we develop a solution optimizing digital technology for real-time monitoring and controlling system through SCADA and SMART HMI.

Global mining companies consistently rank Indonesia highly in terms of its coal and mineral prospects. Indonesia also continues to be one of the world’s largest exporters of thermal coal. The mining sector has been one of the key sectors contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth over many decades. There are opportunities to drive an increase in this sector’s contribution to the economy.

After years of intensive research, KSB established innovative design of Dewatering and Dredge Pump sets (DnD), acknowledged for its outstanding capacity to lead in severe open pit mine sites with capability in managing aggressive mine water through slurry conditions.

The DnD series include several models ranging from high to low heights. Starting from DnD100 pump with the lowest height, DnD150 4H and DnD200 5H with a medium height, also DnD200 MHX and DHP 200 6x8 with the highest height. Our DnD series are tailored-made specifically based on the customer preferences. Other benefit includes the flow meter ensuring total amount of water is measured. The tilt sensor also allows automatic shutdown to protect the pump bearing from dry running due to tilt condition. DnD’s life cycle cost ensures financial optimum of the operation costs.

A major step forward in line with digital technology, a solution for remote, real-time monitoring and controlling DnD (Dewatering and dredge pump set) operations by applying SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) through the SMART Human-Machine Interface (HMI), the user interface that provides control, monitoring, and visualization between a human and a device as well as takes operational efficiency, performance, and productivity to an optimized level.

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