Organization Alignment 2023

As of January 2023, Mr. Teo Boon Teong succeeds Mr. Philippe Olivier as Managing Director of KSB in Indonesia. As the first step towards his leadership with the vision on synergizing employees and business as well as cultivating a positive organizational culture that can lead to optimum outcome, thus, organization alignment workshop was conducted on 19-21 February, 2023 at Novotel Bogor Golf Resort and Convention Center. Representatives from all functions at KSB Indonesia joined this workshop.  

Before the workshop was taken place, all participants were required to share feedback freely and anonymously through online questionnaire concerning aspects that bring happiness working at KSB, challenges faced within the organization and work including suggestions for improvement.

The workshop began with an overview of the program, the company's financial performance review over 8 years, continued with the identification of six priority topics for discussion during the workshop which were organization, leadership, people development, business process, collaboration and communication as well as compensation and benefits as key points for discussion during the workshop.

On 2nd day the participants were divided into six groups to discuss and present their findings on the impact of the six key topics along with recommendations for improvement. Through this activity, a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by business and organization were shared allowing the participants to provide constructive feedbacks and suggestions for improvement. In the evening a "vigil night" was held wherein the participants were divided into four groups and simulated the process of giving a final message, a way to show respect for a person who has passed away. This activity aimed to facilitate deeper connection and comprehensive understanding among the participants.

Mr. Teo Boon Teong shared the direct guidance with all participants and emphasized the key values that are crucial for all employees to be applied accordingly in achieving the company's goals. These values include respect, realign, and result. He encouraged the entire team in understanding how to navigate the business, select the best team, set an effective organization chart, and adopt a simple yet efficient approach of work style.

Through this workshop, most of participants established a better understanding towards working closely together with the respective colleagues, renew the work enthusiasm, and more clear vision of company's goals. Moving forward, the participants expressed their wishes for the workshop to be conducted annually and extended to a wider range of level and number of employees.