Etanorm SKD (Semi Knock-Down) with optimum efficiency

Eta is known for its excellent efficiency. It also stands for high quality, enormous versatility, and absolute reliability. Around the globe 1.5 million Eta pumps are in use today. What is remarkable is that each Eta pump is manufactured to specific customer requirements.

In 19935, KSB launched the first in the Eta series, an energy-efficient, single-stage volute casing pump. Due to its outstanding efficiency, the type series is given the name Eta from the Greek letter that stands for efficiency in the technical field. The Eta name is and remains a generic term for standardised water pumps.

Assembled in Indonesia, the Etanorm SKD pump incorporates high-quality international standards along with materials sourced locally. This strategic combination results in a state of the art that provides unique benefits for businesses. 


  • Enable quick delivery times, ensuring businesses can meet their project timelines efficiently
  • Allows for adaptable production and customisation 
  • Efficiency in manufacturing and the use of locally sourced materials contribute to a competitive pricing advantage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ensure a fast and efficient spare parts service, minimising downtime and keeping operations running smoothly

Over the past seven years, a total of 381 Etanorm SKD pump units have been utilized in Indonesia. These pumps have been used for various applications such as water distribution in water treatment plants, paper and textile industries, and palm oil industries. Additionally, they have been used as feed water pumps in power plants and cooling water pumps.