Flood control solution: Reduce losses and minimize damages

Floods are both inevitable and unforeseeable, but their impact can be managed to reduce losses and damage. Floods manifest in various forms. Inland flooding emerges from gradual inundation due to prolonged heavy rainfall like monsoons or snowmelt. Conversely, rapid inland flooding stems from intense and extraordinary rainfall, commonly linked to events like tropical cyclones. Similarly, coastal floods may develop gradually akin to a tide surge following storms, elevating sea levels. Conversely, they may swiftly materialize due to powerful storms, hurricanes, or even tsunamis.

Flooding poses a prevalent challenge in numerous regions within highly populated developed nations. Many prominent cities across Asia, such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Shanghai, confront this issue. In fact, any area grappling with substantial yearly rainfall, growing populations, and urban expansion will find itself compelled to prioritize flood management.

When it comes to flood control, KSB helps to safeguard living space and protect lives with innovative pumps. Highly advanced pumping equipment ensures optimal drainage of flood zones – quickly, reliably, and cost-efficiently. Drainage pumps and valves from KSB work reliably and effectively in low-lift pumping stations and drainage systems.

KSB Indonesia provides Mobile Flood Pump (MFP), an ideal solution for draining inundation and alleviating frequently flooded areas.  The mobile flood pump is a high-speed operation and complete mobile pump on wheels that can be quickly moved to where it is needed and will be used within minutes of arriving. KSB MFP is made locally and continually developed in accordance with customer need and preference.