2024 webinar collaboration with Indonesia's Water Association

KSB Indonesia is delighted to have successfully organized a webinar in partnership with PERPAMSI (Persatuan Perusahaan Air Minum Seluruh Indonesia) on March 27, 2024. More than 400 attendees from PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum/Local Government Owned Water Utility companies) and Perumda Air Minum (regional water utility companies) based in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan,  and Maluku, took part on this event.

The participants included a representative of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, water solution providers, state-owned enterprises and their subsidiaries, OEM, EPC, consultants, distributors, lecturers, and university students. 

The speaker, I Bayu Dwianditya (Sales Manager KSB Indonesia) shared about basic knowledge of fluid pumps for beginners. We are also grateful for the enthusiastic engagement, particularly during the interactive Q&A discussing how to understand and maintain pump performance, optimisation, efficiency, and other related issues. We deeply appreciate the positive feedback received on the survey. Based on the survey, most participants were enthusiastic to be invited and rejoin our upcoming webinar series. 

Gratitude to PERPAMSI for their exceptional collaboration and extend our heartfelt appreciation to our team for the successful organization and execution of this event. We would also like to thank all the participants for their valuable time and active participation in this webinar. We eagerly anticipate your presence in our upcoming programs.