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Organization Alignment 2023

Organization Alignment 2023

As of January 2023, Mr. Teo Boon Teong succeeds Mr. Philippe Olivier as Managing Director of KSB in Indonesia. As the first step towards his leadership with the vision on synergizing employees and business as well as cultivating a positive organizational culture that can lead to optimum outcome, thus, organization alignment workshop was conducted on 19-21 February, 2023 at Novotel Bogor Golf Resort and Convention Center. Representatives from all functions at KSB Indonesia joined this workshop.

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KSB completes manufacturing expansion in Indonesia

KSB is very proud to officially announce the completion of its manufacturing expansion and new SupremeServ Workshop in Cibitung, Indonesia. The EUR 3.9 million expansion emphasizes KSB’s commitment to sustainable development, ensuring customer satisfaction, and delivering service excellence for our customers.


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The manufacturing expansion and new SupremeServ workshop

We are very proud to inform you that KSB Indonesia manufacturing expansion and new SupremeServ workshop have reached the completion and we would be very thrilled to have you joining us at the inauguration.


Comprehensive solution for mining market in Indonesia

A major step forward for continuous improvement and sustainability by KSB Indonesia, a range of pump sets for dewatering and dredge ensuring an optimum and specified process for mining market. In addition, we develop a solution optimizing digital technology for real-time monitoring and controlling system through SCADA and SMART HMI.

Flood control solution: Reduce losses and minimize damages

Flood control solution: Reduce losses and minimize damages

Floods are both inevitable and unforeseeable, but their impact can be managed to reduce losses and damage. Floods manifest in various forms. Inland flooding emerges from gradual inundation due to prolonged heavy rainfall like monsoons or snowmelt. Conversely, rapid inland flooding stems from intense and extraordinary rainfall, commonly linked to events like tropical cyclones. Similarly, coastal floods may develop gradually akin to a tide surge following storms, elevating sea levels. Conversely, they may swiftly materialize due to powerful storms, hurricanes, or even tsunamis.


KSB Fire-fighting pump: safe and reliable fire protection system

We are fully aware that customers put high demands on fire protection systems: On the one hand, they hope that they will never actually need them. On the other hand, they expect everything to work perfectly if a fire does strike. Fire-fighting pumps naturally face the same high demands. All components must be constructed to be ready at any time, despite the very limited period of use. And “ready” means able to operate at full capacity immediately.

Successful collaboration webinar with Indonesia's water association

Successful collaboration webinar with Indonesia's water association

KSB Indonesia proudly conducted a webinar in collaboration with PERPAMSI on October 13, 2021, attended by 195 external participants from PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum/Local Government Owned Water Utility companies), Perumda Air Minum (regional water utility companies), water solution providers, OEM, EPC, based in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Papua as well as consultants, lecturers, and fresh graduates.