KSB Fire-fighting pump: safe and reliable fire protection system

We are fully aware that customers put high demands on fire protection systems: On the one hand, they hope that they will never actually need them. On the other hand, they expect everything to work perfectly if a fire does strike. Fire-fighting pumps naturally face the same high demands. All components must be constructed to be ready at any time, despite the very limited period of use. And “ready” means able to operate at full capacity immediately.

Drawing on experience and specialist knowledge in fire protection, we are fully familiar with the standards, regulations, and certifications in this field. KSB provides pumps and system solutions meeting a vast number of national standards and certifications. KSB Indonesia has proven its experience in assembling Fire Pump Package in accordance with the latest standard of UL/FM, ULFM, NFPA20 Non-Listed, offering a comprehensive product range with a competitive price. When it comes to fire protection systems, fire pumps are the most components and safety is an important requirement. KSB Indonesia had obtained the FM Approved, an official certificate to package fire pump products Etanorm FXM and Omega FXF, the certified products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention standard. KSB is the manufacturer of pump sets that have been certified as FM Approved Packager in Indonesia.

At KSB Indonesia, we provide both custom-engineered solutions and standard systems. Also, we have proven field experience of applied fire-fighting pumps starting from building, data center, industrial/water treatment plant, oil terminal, power plant to gold mine, in accordance with customer needs and preferences.

We fully test every fire pump complete with driver, controllers, and accessories to guarantee total integrity and ensure the fire pump package arrives on the site ready for trouble-free operation. The testing facility is established to meet the international standard for pump performance tests in accordance with ISO 9906:2011, Hydraulic Institute, and API 610:2010, and commence a wide range of testing. KSB Indonesia’s testing facility at Industrial Town Cibitung is available for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

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