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Here for you. Not for the show.

We would have loved to meet you in person at ACHEMA. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current situation. Let’s stay in touch anyway and meet up digitally at ACHEMA Pulse this June. 
Would you like to find out what’s new at KSB for your applications? Then keep reading. We have summarised our novelties and highlights for you here in a compact overview.

Contact us to find out more. We look forward to talking to you.

EX-tremely smart: The KSB Guard monitoring solution can now also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres

You want your system to run smoothly and simultaneously to minimise the outlay for inspecting and maintaining your system? Experience both with KSB Guard: Keep an eye on the data of all pumps and other rotating machinery without having to be physically on site. 
Three reasons why you should check out KSB Guard:

  • Greater reliability
    KSB Guard monitors the status of your machinery around the clock and notifies you immediately of any deviations. This allows you to fix problems before any substantial damage occurs.
  • Easier maintenance
    KSB Guard provides specific status data to help you plan maintenance intervals. And when performing maintenance you will know sooner what to expect.
  • Quick to install
    KSB Guard saves resources right from its installation: The sensor unit is easy to install, and your machinery can be registered in just a few clicks.
ATEX-compliant variant of KSB Guard

ATEX-compliant variant of KSB Guard

Proven technology, new design: KSB Guard for potentially explosive atmospheres

In the ATEX-compliant version of KSB Guard (for ATEX zone 1 with a gas atmosphere) the entire hardware is ATEX-certified – including the intrinsically safe sensor unit as well as the corresponding gateway in flameproof enclosure. You as the operator of explosion-proof systems benefit from a higher operating reliability and increased transparency.

Gain information first-hand at the ACHEMA Panel Talk with KSB on 16 June 2021 at 10:00

How easy the transition to smart monitoring of pumps and other rotating machinery is and what its benefits are will be discussed by our panel of experts:

  • Miriam Rischer – Project Manager KSB Guard, KSB SE & Co. KGaA
  • Barbara Trautwein – Production Engineer, Grillo Werke AG 
  • Dr Thomas Paulus – Chief Digital Officer, KSB SE & Co. KGaA
  • Bernd Hoffmann – Head of the Petrochemicals/Chemicals Market Area, KSB Shanghai Pump Co., Ltd.

It’s worth checking out!
Please note: To participate in the KSB Panel Talk at ACHEMA Pulse, a trade fair registration is required. For details, see the information in the sidebar. 

Cool presence: The Magnochem standardised chemical pump can now be used for hotter fluids and provides extra protection against leakage

The proven mag-drive pump to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 is particularly suitable for handling toxic, explosive or valuable liquids in the chemical, petrochemical or general industries. With its ATEX approval, Magnochem ensures maximum operating reliability along with maximum efficiency and zero leakage.

Would you like further information? Watch our brief product video:

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The three most important new technical feaures of Magnochem:

More variety

Next to Magnochem-Bloc and Magnochem D, Magnochem W now complements the range of mag-drive pumps. The standardised chemical mag-drive pump is suitable for fluid temperatures of up to 400 °C without requiring an external cooling water supply.

More coolness

Innovative heat barriers and new bearing brackets reduce the thermal load on the rolling element bearings – and increase the service life.

More safety

Additional secondary seal options ensure maximum safety in the event of a failure of the primary containment. Options in addition to the single lip seal are a double lip seal and a mechanical seal – each with an integrated leakage drain.

One technology – five solutions: further standardised chemical pumps to ISO 5199

Discover not only Magnochem and Magnochem-Bloc but also Estigia, MegaCPK and HPK-L.

The CPKNO standardised chemical pump to ISO 5199 with semi-open impeller

Another variant added: CPKNO complements our CPK type series.

MegaCPK, CPKN – and now also CPKNO: Our standardised chemical pumps are especially designed for handling aggressive fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They meet the requirements of the ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 standards. 

  • The highly standardised MegaCPK is characterised by its high output per size and extremely low energy consumption.
  • CPKNO complements MegaCPK. Designed with a semi-open impeller, it increases the operating reliability when handling fluids with a higher solids or gas content.
  • CPKN offers additional sizes for larger flow rates.
The vertically suspended pumps of the Estigia type series for installation in tanks under atmospheric pressure.

Extended application range: Estigia now available with three impeller types

The low-pressure suspended pumps are designed for vertical wet installation in closed tanks under atmospheric pressure. Estigia’s design is compliant with ISO 5199. It has a flexible coupling and grease-lubricated rolling element bearings arranged outside the fluid handled. Three impeller types are available for selection, depending on the application (fluid handled): 

  • Closed impeller for pure fluids
  • Channel impeller for fluids without solids or with a low solids content
  • Vortex impeller for fluids containing fibres or gaseous fluids 
The HPK-L hot water and heat transfer fluid pump – interchangeable and reliable

Tried and tested: HPK-L stands for reliability in transporting hot water and heat transfer fluid

The HPK-L volute casing pump meets the technical requirements of ISO 5199 as well as the ratings and dimensions to ISO 2858. This ensures interchangeability and reliability when handling hot water and thermal oils.

You benefit from

  • Maximum efficiency: A total of 52 sizes in the ISO selection chart allow for selection close to the best efficiency point.
  • Maximum tightness: When combined, the specially developed KSB mechanical seals 4HL and 4HLQ offer an optimum, double sealing solution for demanding heat transfer fluids.
  • Maximum operating reliability: The patented VenJet venting chamber ensures that air is kept away from the rotating parts during operation and protects the mechanical seal from running dry.

Natural partners are best purchased together 

Increase your system’s efficiency with products that are perfectly matched to each other.



Centred-disc butterfly valve with PFA liner for the chemical industry. With lever, manual gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator. With wafer-type body (T1), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with raised faces (T6). EN, ASME, JIS connections possible.



Diaphragm valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends; shut-off and sealing to atmosphere by completely enclosed spiral-supported diaphragm; body with or without lining, position indicator with integrated stem protection. All moving parts are separated from the fluid by the diaphragm. Maintenance-free.

One service, all included

KSB SupremeServ accompanies you with customised service and spare parts solutions.

KSB I Chemical workplace Pegnitz

Your reliable partner – with KSB the chemistry is always right

Specially trained staff, clearly defined processes and a unique, explosion-proof chemical workplace: KSB SupremeServ meets all requirements on the service of chemical pumps and valves set out by the guideline of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). In other words: Fulfilling the operators’ obligations has never been easier.

Servicing of explosion-proof pumps? Make sure you ask the professionals!

Servicing of explosion-proof pumps? Make sure you ask the professionals!

Do you have explosion-proof machinery and are looking for professional support with maintenance, repairs or conversions? With KSB SupremeServ your pump set is in safe hands: our ATEX-certified specialists ensure professional servicing – both for KSB products and products from third-party manufacturers. Enjoy peace of mind and legal certainty.

Maintenance inspection management

A well-planned inspection is a fast inspection

As you well know: Comprehensive inspection requires professional organisation to minimise downtime. At KSB SupremeServ you have a dedicated contact who will help you plan, prepare and implement an inspection. The same person will also help you return the equipment to service and provide you with subsequent support. This minimises the time you need to invest for coordination.