Product types

KSB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and valves, providing a comprehensive range of service offerings. The products and services are used in process engineering and building services, water and waste water management, and in the energy and mining sectors.

KSB's most important product types include:

Industrial valves

KSB offers industrial valves and services for various applications in building services, industry and sterile process engineering.

Submersible pump

KSB offers energy-efficient submersible motor pumps for numerous applications and requirements. Learn all about our submersible pumps here.

Domestic water supply system

In many locations, a domestic water supply system can replace expensive tap water from the water supply network by rainwater, service water and groundwater. The system is flexible, cost-efficient and, most importantly, independent from the public water supply.


KSB offers a large choice of versatile and energy-efficient circulators. Benefit from this innovative technology now!

Water pump

KSB sets standards worldwide with its cutting-edge, robust and reliable water pumps. You too can benefit from our products. Learn more about their benefits.

High-efficiency pump

A KSB high-efficiency pump is easy on your wallet as it is particularly energy-saving. Find out more from one of the market leaders for pumps.

Heating pump

Optimised hydraulic system and integrated variable speed control: Modern circulators from KSB are particularly energy-efficient to run. Learn more here.

Lift check valve

A KSB lift check valve reliably prevents any backflow of the fluid and, with that, drainage of the suction line between pump and inlet. In this way, your pump will always be ready for operation.

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps from KSB offer a stable operation, even at large flow rates. This is why they are especially popular in industry. Find out more.

Pump control unit

A reliable pump control unit is indispensable for the demand-driven operation of a pump. KSB offers electronic pump control units for the highest of efficiency and reliability when handling fluids in industry and building services applications.

Grey water pump

Transport, treat and dispose of waste water efficiently with KSB’s grey water and waste water pumps. We offer individual pumps for private households and industry.

Butterfly valve

Proven track record: KSB’s butterfly valves have been a success story for more than 50 years. Offering a diverse range of technical benefits, butterfly valves find widespread use.

Globe valve

Operating reliability and energy efficiency are characteristic features of KSB's globe valve type series. Being optimally suited for insulation, the valves markedly minimise heat losses in industrial processes and technical procedures. The globe valves are completely maintenance-free.

Ball valve

A high pressure capability, an excellent shut-off, low maintenance – a ball valve from KSB is a reliable valve for gases, oils, hydrocarbons and other non-corrosive fluids.

Waste water lifting unit

KSB waste water and grey water lifting units take optimum care of draining waste water of all types without any risk of backflow. Read more about the benefits of these units.

Gate valve

KSB gate valves for reliably shutting off liquids, gases and vapours in piping systems For use in industry, water, energy and building services applications.

Well pump

KSB’s well pumps and deep well pumps are based on the proven quality of KSB’s submersible borehole pumps.


KSB pumps are operating worldwide in industry, building services, water and energy applications, also covering all fields of automation and drives.

Mechanical seals

KSB’s mechanical seals for pumps reliably seal the passage of the rotating shaft through a centrifugal pump's casing. The seals make sure that the fluid handled cannot escape from the inside of the pump – or only in very small amounts.


In heating systems, air-conditioning systems or industrial plants: A KSB strainer not only prevents contamination or damage caused by solids, it also clearly reduces the regular servicing and cleaning work required for your system.

Balancing valves

In heating systems, air-conditioning systems or cooling circuits: With a balancing valve from KSB the volume flow rate in the piping system can be optimally controlled, thus preventing oversupply or undersupply of individual consumer installations.

In-line pumps

High performance, small footprint and flexible installation options: in-line pumps from KSB. Find out more.

High-pressure pump

KSB’s high-pressure pumps are versatile in use. Typical examples are pressure booster and irrigation systems. Find out more here.

Pressure booster systems

Pressure booster systems and pumps from KSB increase supply pressure in an optimum and efficient way. Find the right pressure booster system for your application.

Rainwater pump

High-quality rainwater pumps by KSB: The best choice for domestic water supply systems and stormwater pumping stations. Find out more here.