Ama-Drainer-Box;Ama-Drainer-Box Mini

Ama-Drainer-Box;Ama-Drainer-Box Mini

Stable above-floor plastic collecting tank or impact-resistant underfloor plastic collecting tank, with floor drain and odour trap, both with Ama-Drainer submersible motor pump starting and stopping automatically and swing check valve
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Main Applications

  • Automatic drainage of buildings and premises below the flood level
  • Single-pump units Box 1 U / Box 1 B:
  • Automatic disposal of domestic waste water from washing machines, washbasins, sinks, showers or bathtubs
  • Disposal of highly contaminated, fibre-containing water from industrial applications, e.g. laundries, common washing facilities, washing machines and dish washers (also hot water cycle)
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Technical Data

  • Max. flow rate46 m³/h
  • Max. head24 m
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C

Characteristic curves

Material number list – Ama-Drainer-Box;Ama-Drainer-Box Mini

22 products
NameWeightMaterial numberPrice
AMA-DRAINER-BOX 1 B 30114.2 Kilogram29131759
AMA-DRAINER-BOX 1 B 30215.7 Kilogram29131761
AMA-DRAINER-BOX 1 B 30315.9 Kilogram29131763
AMA-DRAINER-BOX 1 B 35817 Kilogram29131769
AMA-DRAINER-BOX 1 B 405/3523.9 Kilogram29131766


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Technical Data

  • Connection typePipe/hose connection
  • Drive conceptWith electric actuator
  • Max. flow rate46 m³/h
  • Min. flow rate0.1 m³/h
  • Max. head24 m
  • Min. head1 m
  • Mains frequency50 Hz
  • Mains voltage230 V, 400 V
  • Casing material6230
  • Suction behaviourNon-self-priming
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature0 °C

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