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The KSB valves portfolio for water applications

KSB’s valves portfolio takes care of water management, whatever the nature and variability of the task required.

KSB offers a comprehensive range of valves suitable for water applications, as well as three types of actuators and a complete range of automation products. You will find the right solution for your specific process in KSB’s wide range of valves. You will also be impressed by the long service life of our actuators.

Water splashes

Cleaner water and how to treat waste water as effectively as possible. These are the main challenges facing us today. Our valves are designed to meet them.

The KSB valves portfolio can deal with the challenges of producing and distributing drinking water, of collecting waste water and of purifying and recycling water so it can be used again.

Butterfly valves represent the most widely used technology on the French market and also dominate our valves portfolio. 
KSB butterfly valves are designed and manufactured in the Dordogne region at the KSB Group’s international centre for butterfly valves. Their AMRING® elastomer liner is the result of formulations created by our polymer laboratory. They ensure absolute tightness in circuits used to collect, treat and transport fluids of any kind.

Butterfly valves are available as complete solutions including actuator and automation. Automation is provided by a product range designed by our teams to meet the demands of the water market.

Graphic of a filtration station equipped with KSB valves

Example of a filtration station equipped with KSB valves

Our offer

  • A product range designed for fluids and applications associated with the full water cycle for domestic, municipal and industrial customers
  • CM, CR, MA, MR levers and manual gearboxes, ACTAIR NG/DYNACTAIR pneumatic actuators and ACTELEC electric actuators
  • MTROBOX, AMTRONIC and SMARTRONIC automation products
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee applies to the whole solution including valve, actuator and automation equipment
  • High energy efficiency 
  • Resistant to corrosion and to attack from sewage and any other types of waste water
  • Reliable and efficient function, even when subject to heavy-duty conditions
  • A range of butterfly valves made in France
  • Worldwide support and advice and excellent service

Your benefits

  • Decades of experience in various applications
  • Low operating costs
  • Long product service life
  • Reliable design
  • Guaranteed availability in any conditions and during all phases of the water cycle
  • An expert manufacturer and the best partner for optimising installations
  • KSB butterfly valves factory based in France
  • Option to entrust maintenance to KSB service teams



Centred-disc butterfly valve, sealed by elastomer liner (EPDM XC or Nitrile K), with lever, manual gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator; semi-lug body (T2), full-lug body (T4). Body types T2 and T4 are suitable for downstream dismantling and dead-end service. Valve disc made of nodular cast iron or stainless steel. Connections to EN.

ISORIA 10/16

ISORIA 10/16

Centred-disc butterfly valve, sealed by elastomer liner, with lever or manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator. Wafer-type body (T1), semi-lug body (T2), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with flat faces (T5). Body types T2 and T4 are suitable for downstream dismantling and dead-end service with counterflange. Connections to EN, ASME, JIS.



Centred-disc butterfly valve, sealed by elastomer liner, with manual gearbox, electric, hydraulic or counterweight actuator, U-section body with flat faces (T5), connections to EN, ASME or JIS.



Knife gate valve to DIN/EN with wafer-type single-piece or two-piece body made of nodular cast iron, bi-directional, with gland packing, non-rising stem, corrosion-protected by epoxy coating.

SERIE 2000

SERIE 2000

Dual-plate check valve with single-piece, wafer-type body made of lamellar graphite cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, stainless steel or copper aluminium alloy, metal/elastomer-seated or metal/metal-seated, maintenance-free, connections to EN, ASME or JIS.

Illustration of the phases of a product life cycle: Consultation and analysis, commissioning, operation and repair

Service at KSB SupremeServ means being fully looked after

KSB SupremeServ offers you a comprehensive range of services and spare parts for pumps, valves and other equipment – including for products from other manufacturers – from face-to-face consultation to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair. More than 3500 specialists in over 190 service centres worldwide are available around the clock, seven days a week. Concentrate on your core business – and let us take care of the rest.