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SISTO-DrainNA Diaphragm valve
Diaphragm valve


Diaphragm valve with butt weld ends, for nuclear applications; shut-off and sealing to atmosphere by completely enclosed diaphragm. All moving parts are separated from the fluid by the diaphragm. Maintenance-free.

Technical Data

  • Nominal pressurePN 16
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 25
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature100 °C

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Your KSB contact : We’re here to support you

Technical Data

  • FunctionShut off/control flow
  • Connection typePipe/hose connection, Butt weld ends, Socket weld ends
  • Nominal pressurePN 16
  • Max. nominal sizeDN 25
  • Min. nominal sizeDN 15
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature100 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature-20 °C