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Filtering systems for industrial water treatment

Keeps the economy flowing: Water for industry

From cleaning machines to manufacturing medicines: There is hardly any industrial manufacturing process out there which can do without treated water. Which types of water are actually required for which applications, however? And what methods are applied to achieve the designated water qualities? Learn more about membrane filtration types, osmosis and related technologies.

KSB waste water pumps in a collecting tank

How to digitalise water and waste water pumps successfully

Protecting submersible motor pumps effectively and, at the same time, networking them digitally requires a smart solution. Such as KSB's AmaControl protection module, which offers a range of options. Find out more about digital condition monitoring of pumps and mixers.

A new water pump station for Calgary

A new water pump station for Calgary

When the City of Calgary decided to replace the most critical water pumping station in the city, they came to KSB for pumping solutions. Find out how KSB customized six axially split volute casing pumps for one of Canada's fastest growing cities.


Reference projects and examples from practice: Success stories from around the world.

Developed by experts, designed by specialists, supported by service professionals: Discover exciting "supply" projects around the globe.

Developed by experts, designed by specialists, supported by service professionals: Discover exciting "supply" projects around the globe.

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Firmengebäude der Continental AG in Hannover von außen

Accolade for an intelligent monitoring tool

In times of increasingly professionalised cyber attacks, the importance of secure network components is growing exponentially. This is one reason why internet-enabled products are thoroughly scrutinised by customers before they are used. KSB’s cloud-based KSB Guard was examined by the rubber and plastics specialist ContiTech, and passed the validation with flying colours. This achievement almost overshadowed the fact that the main contract involved the refurbishment and modernisation of an entire cooling water system.