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Returns and complaints – KSB Norge AS

Terms of returns

Each return must first be agreed upon by e-mail or telephone. You will then receive a return number from KSB Norge AS (Hereafter KSB)

KSB will only accept returned products that are unused, in mint condition, and no more than one (1) year old.

  • Products stocked in Norway may be returned with a deduction according to table below. 
  • Products stocked in Europe may in some cases be returned, but the factory's return conditions, deductions and shipping costs will then apply.
  • Products with a product value below 3000 NOK, ex. VAT, which are not stocked in Norway, are not refundable.
  • All products produced to order or adapted spare parts (e.g. impellers) may not be returned, unless by special agreement with KSB’s salespeople
  • Shipping costs from original order will not be credited upon return.

Contact the responsible salesperson for information about what applies to the relevant product(s) you want to return.

Return deliveries

Return deliveries must always be marked as a minimum with KSB’s return number and the completed return and complaint form must accompany the return. Preferably, a copy of KSB’s order confirmation, invoice or packing slip should also accompany the product.

The return must be received by KSB within 30 days after the agreement was made. If not received within the specified time, the agreement will be terminated automatically.

When returning a product without a delivery note or sufficient information

If KSB is not able to contact the customer for an acknowledgement of the returned product(s), a message will be sent to the customer’s invoice recipient. If no reply is received within 14 days, the product(s) will be returned to the sender’s address. Shipping will then be charged to the customer.

Returns are to be sent to KSB’s warehouse in Ski at no cost to KSB, i.e. DAP according to INCOTERMS 2020.

Return address:

KSB Norge AS
Haugenveien 29
1423 Ski

Any direct return to another address / factory should not take place, unless agreed upon with the responsible salesperson.

KSB’s return deduction

The handling fee for returns is NOK 500 and will be deducted from all return orders.


Return deduction

Stocked item in unbroken original packaging


Stocked item in broken original packaging *


Non stocked item at KSB Norway

Handled case by case 

Not complete and / or damaged product

100 %

Specially ordered items

100 % 

* not in salable condition, opened packaging, damaged packaging etc.

Terms of the warranty

KSB guarantees for product defects and deficiencies, which are not due to normal wear and tear, during the warranty period. See order confirmation for warranty period on your product. The warranty is only valid provided the product is installed in accordance with KSB installation and user manual and that the product is used in accordance with the stated product data and restrictions.

Problems that arise due to e.g. incorrect installation / use will not be approved as a product complaint.

Accrued costs for assistance and / or new product in connection with a complaint will be invoiced in full if after investigations it is concluded that the case is not a product complaint.

Assistance from third parties must be agreed upon before the work is carried out. KSB does not accept accrued costs that have not been approved in advance.

For further information, please refer to our general case conditions NL09.

Complaint inquiry

Any potential complaint concerning a product must be initiated by an e-mail or telephone call to the responsible salesperson.

Return shipment of products in complaint cases must only be done by agreement with KSB and marked with the complaint number you receive.

In cases where products are to be sent back to KSB for inspection / investigation, the product must always be marked as a minimum with the complaint number from KSB and a completed return and complaint form must accompany the shipment. Preferably, a copy of KSB’s order confirmation, invoice and/or packing slip should also accompany the product.

Contact the responsible salesperson for information about what applies in the relevant complaint case.

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