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LCV Vertical shaft submersible pump

Vertical shaft submersible pumpLCV

Robust vertical shaft submersible pump in cantilever design with suction from the bottom and bearings arranged outside of the fluid handled. Design with open and closed impeller for best efficiency and maximum free passage. Wear parts of wetted pump components (casing, impeller, suction cover / liner) made of white cast iron with a high chromium content and therefore very wear-resistant. The maximum permissible working pressures are between 7 and 11 bar, depending on the pump size. Perfectly suited for transporting fluids containing hardly to slightly abrasive solids. Ideal for sludges, classes 1 to 2.

Main Applications

  • Industrial processes
  • Mining (demanding applications)

Material number list – LCV

4 products
Material number
PUMP ASSY LCV-M 100-400 1500MM1,100 kgZAN31299
PUMP ASSY LCV-M 200-610 1800MM0 kgZAN31977
PUMP ASSY LCV-M 250-660 1800MM0 kgZAN31943
PUMP ASSY LCV-M 300-710 1500MM0 kgZAN31949