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Visual of Egypt's El-Tebbin thermal power plant
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Energy supply on the Nile: El-Tebbin Power Station

KSB pumps are in operation worldwide. In Egypt's El-Tebbin thermal power plant, for example, cooling water pumps, condensate pumps and boiler feed pumps from KSB play a crucial role in the country's power supply.

KSB pumps are in operation worldwide. In Egypt's El-Tebbin thermal power plant, for example, cooling water pumps, condensate pumps and boiler feed pumps from KSB play a crucial role in the country's power supply.

The project:

Energy conversion in the El-Tebbin thermal power plant

For this project, the client was looking for multiple pumps that would ensure reliability as well as an impressive output level while delivering high-level efficiency to minimise costs. Pumps were required in both the main and auxiliary circuits of the plant systems. Their tasks are to feed boilers with water from the Nile, handle condensate and transport cooling water. The client turned to KSB to supply those units, along with high-pressure valves, butterfly valves and gate valves which provide reliable shut-off of all fluids.

The client:

KSB for El-Tebbin, Egypt

El-Tebbin Power Station employs steam-driven turbines to convert heat into electrical power that fuels Egypt. The thermal power plant is situated directly on the banks of the Nile, south of Cairo. Owned by the Egyptian government, the 700-megawatt plant comprises two units, each generating an equal share of the plant's output. The energy generated by El-Tebbin is fed into Egypt's national grid via a 220-kilovolt substation and represents a valuable contribution to the supply of electricity in the country.

In Egypt, KSB pumps are in high demand because of their high efficiencies, a crucial factor in cost-efficient power generation.

The challenge:

International collaboration to supply KSB pumps from around the world

Equipping the power station required an internationally coordinated effort involving several KSB locations: four condensate pumps came from India and four cooling water pumps were supplied from Germany. Two of these pumps run the closed cooling circuits of the respective power plant units, while the remaining two are operated from the control room as and when required. KSB also supplied six boiler feed pumps from Germany.

The solution:

Multiple KSB pumps and valves for superior performance and efficiency

To drive the plant's steam turbines and ensure efficient, reliable operation, KSB supplied a diverse range of pumps and valves from its portfolio. The facilities now employ four CPKN cooling water pumps, six CHTD boiler feed pumps and four WKTB condensate pumps. All of these pumps perform at a high level of efficiency to enable significant energy savings – a crucial factor for TC 0:46cost-efficient power generation. 

TC 0:53

Additionally, high-pressure valves, butterfly valves and gate valves from KSB provide reliable sealing of all fluids. 

Throughout the steam-turbine power plant in Tebbin, KSB pumps are delivering impressive flow rates:

  • 680 m3/h for the CHTD boiler feed pumps
  • 1,175 m3/h for the WKTB condensate pumps
  • 742 m3/h for the CPKN pumps

Beyond pumps and valves, KSB offers on-site customer training to ensure that the power plant on the Nile continues to operate smoothly. Spare parts are supplied as needed, quickly and reliably thanks to KSB's global network of suppliers.

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Company: El-Tebbin Power Station 

Project data:
6 CHTD boiler feed pumps 
4 WKTB condensate pumps 
4 CPKN pumps

Used products



Horizontal high-pressure barrel-type pumps with radial impellers, single-entry and double-entry, multistage, with flanges or weld end nozzles to DIN and ANSI.



Vertical can-type ring-section pump on base frame, multistage, first-stage impeller designed as a double-entry suction impeller, radial impellers. Flanges to DIN or ANSI.



Horizontal radially split volute casing pump in back pull-out design, with radial impeller, single-entry, single-stage, to ISO 2858 / ISO 5199. Also available as a variant with "wet" shaft, conical seal chamber and/or semi-open impeller. ATEX-compliant version available.

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