MiniCompacta Sewage lifting unit

Sewage lifting unit MiniCompacta

Floodable single-pump sewage lifting unit or dual-pump sewage lifting unit for automatic disposal of domestic waste water and faeces in building sections below the flood level.
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Main Applications

  • Disposal of waste water occurring below the flood level
  • Waste water management
  • Single-pump unit US (40 litres)/ U (60 litres)/ U (100 litres):
  • Unit for single-family house

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
36 m3/h
Max. head
25 m
Max. allowed fluid temperature
40 °C

Material number list – MiniCompacta

29 products
Material number
MiniCompacta U1.060 DKSB miniCompacta [B]U601PCNo60l40mm400V50HzThree-phase currentA45 kg29131500
MiniCompacta U1.060 D/CKSB miniCompacta [B]U601PCNo60l40mm400V50HzThree-phase currentC45 kg29131512
MiniCompacta U1.060 EKSB miniCompacta [B]U601PCNo60l40mm230V50HzSingle-phase ACA45 kg29131501
MiniCompacta U1.060 E/CKSB miniCompacta [B]U601PCNo60l40mm230V50HzSingle-phase ACC45 kg29131513
MiniCompacta U1.100 DKSB miniCompacta [B]U1001PCNo100l40mm400V50HzThree-phase currentA54 kg29131504


  • Safe and reliable operation ensured by control system (LevelControl Basic 1 / LevelControl Basic 2)
  • Various positioning options and diameters make it easy to adapt the unit to the most complicated of site conditions.
  • Collecting tank with optimum volume/footprint ratio for effective space utilisation


  • M09B_25546041739-1_1

Technical Data

Connection type
Pipe/hose connection
Drive concept
With electric actuator
Max. flow rate
36 m3/h
Min. flow rate
0.1 m3/h
Max. head
25 m
Min. head
1 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz
Mains voltage
230 V
Suction behaviour
Max. allowed fluid temperature
40 °C
Min. allowed fluid temperature
0 °C

Characteristic curves

Sectional Drawings

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