Consultants are leaning over plans; in the background a laptop can be seen with the KSB HELPS PumpSelection software

KSB HELPS PumpSelection

The software for selecting water and waste water pumps

The KSB HELPS PumpSelection software assists consultants, engineering contractors and operators in selecting KSB water and waste water pumps. 

New version available

  • Version: 5-2021.3 – 2021/06/02 (Build 213)
  • Product data status: 05-08-2021

The right pump for your project in just a few clicks

KSB HELPS PumpSelection is a tried and tested yet newly redesigned piece of software for highly user-friendly pump selection. The selection tool helps consultants, engineering contractors and operators to reliably select the best dry- and wet-installed water and waste water pumps for their application. KSB HELPS PumpSelection helps the user to quickly find the optimum pump for their system throughout the water cycle, from waste water disposal and waste water treatment through to water treatment and water distribution.

The process of selecting the right pump can be completed in just a few clicks. KSB HELPS PumpSelection finds suitable pumps and appropriate accessories to meet your specifications. Simply enter the duty point with flow rate and head – the software will do the rest.

Plus: matching accessories and associated data sets

Based on this information, the software displays the most suitable pumps so the user can choose the pump that best suits the system and configure it, including appropriate accessories and any available options.

Clearly defined interfaces ensure secure data exchange as well as integration in your own system. KSB HELPS PumpSelection quickly provides you with detailed tender texts that can be easily copied via drag and drop and then pasted. The software has a clear layout, is suitable for international use and saves a considerable amount of time and money.


  • Select and configure the right pump and any installation accessories
  • Calculate head losses and system characteristic curves
  • Calculate reduced characteristic curves for pumps and parallel operation
  • Detailed tender texts that can be easily exported
  • Precise CAD drawings of pump sets, to be directly incorporated in the project drawings
  • Compare the energy consumption of different pump selections for life cycle cost calculations


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