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KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd building

KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. - The reliable valves supplier

Founded in 2010, KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is a local subsidiary in China of KSB Group, the worldwide famous pumps and valves manufacturer of Germany. The company is located in Xinbei District, Changzhou City, covering an area of 46,667m2, with a plant area of 9,199m2 in the first phase.

Facts about the company

KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. are a solely foreign-owned enterprise with functions of marketing, sales, engineering design, purchasing, warehouse logistics, quality controls and after services. As KSB global strategic plan to strengthen the customer service in Chinese local market, our overseas professional sales and service concept fresh the domestic valve market with vital force and making local customers be closed with our advanced German products, technologies and services. 

Since 2011,KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. has begun to produce valves suitable for various working conditions, and the valve products range from vacuum to Class4500# pressure, from low temperature -200°C to high temperature 725°C, which can not only meet the customized needs of customers, but also realize standardized mass production and storage. Besides, KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. has specialized in producing ANSI series standard gate, globe and check valves upto Class600# pressure for overseas market.

Since KSB valves have entered into Chinese market from 1980s, we gained great improvement and reputation with customised design, profuse engineering experience and remarkable after service. Our products mainly service for water treatment, power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, marine, building and so on. 

Our valves are running in more than 100 power plants for thermal power units, such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Tianjin Guotou Beijiang Power Plant, Zhouxian Power Plant of Huadian International in extra super critical units and for many nuclear power units such as Daya bay Nuclear Station, Qinshan Nuclear and Taishan Nuclear. 

Meanwhile, our products are widely applied for municipal major projects such as Shanghai Pudong Linjiang Waterworks, Shanghai Nanshi Waterworks and Nanjing Waterworks which offered reliable guarantee of technology and service for national important utilities. Application know-how and technical solutions are our key performance. Everything we did to ensure that our customers always have access to the ideal product and system solution with a sense of tradition taking and innovation improving. Our development in China will helps to realize the price-friendly products with pure German technology for local customers.

KSB_Shanghai_Pump_Co._Ltd. building

KSB Shanghai Pump Co. Ltd.

Located at the Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone, more than 800 qualified employes work at the company at a plant area of 130,000 square meters.

KSB Limited (Hongkong) building

KSB Limited (Hong Kong)

Responsible for import pump and spare parts from KSB Group to mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.Competent in all applications for water, wastewater, industry, energy, building service, mining.

SEC-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. building

SEC-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electric-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. (SEC-KSB) is a joint venture established by SEC and KSB AG in September 2008, with a share ratio of 55 % (SEC) / 45 % (KSB).

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. building

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary, invested by KSB AG in 2013. The company specializes in installation, commission, maintenance, upgrade, replacement and technology consultation about KSB pumps, valves and system, including authorized products, also imports and exports related equipments and components.

Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd

Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd

Established in 2004, Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd is located in Dalian’s export processing zone and is a domestically registered subsidiary of KSB SE & CO KGaA.