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KSB Limited (Hongkong) building

KSB Limited (Hongkong)

Responsible for import pump and spare parts from KSB Group to mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.Competent in all applications for water, wastewater, industry, energy, building service, mining.

In 1993, KSB Group founded KSB Jebsen (China) Ltd. to strengthen customer service and tomake it easier for companies in Hong Kong and China to implement their projects quickly, flexibly and at a high level of quality.  Since then, the company has beenachieving sustainable, profitable growth each year. In 1995,KSB Group took over all shares from Jebsen and established KSB Limited (Hong Kong) as a wholly owned subsidiary of KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany for the purpose of providing local services and sales of imported pumps and spare partsto mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.


  • Supplied over 700 pumps to Hong Kong Airport and related MTR stations in Hong Kong.
  • Supplied imported boiler feed water pump and cooling water to Waigaoqiao 2x900MW,Yuhuan 4x1000MW, Taizhou 2x1000MW, Beilun 2x1000MW power plants.
  • Supplied 200 sets boiler feed water pumps for combined cycle power plants in China.
  • Supplied over 400 sets boiler circulating pumps for big subcritical or supercritical and extra supercritical power plants.
  • Supplied around 600 sets recirculating pump for FGD applications.
KSB_Shanghai_Pump_Co._Ltd. building

KSB Shanghai Pump Co. Ltd.

Located at the Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone, more than 800 qualified employes work at the company at a plant area of 130,000 square meters.

KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd building

KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, KSB Valves (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is a local subsidiary in China of KSB Group, the worldwide famous pumps and valves manufacturer of Germany. The company is located in Xinbei District, Changzhou City, covering an area of 46,667m2, with a plant area of 9,199m2 in the first phase.

SEC-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. building

SEC-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electric-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. (SEC-KSB) is a joint venture established by SEC and KSB AG in September 2008, with a share ratio of 55 % (SEC) / 45 % (KSB).

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. building

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

KSB Pump & Valve Technology Service (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary, invested by KSB AG in 2013. The company specializes in installation, commission, maintenance, upgrade, replacement and technology consultation about KSB pumps, valves and system, including authorized products, also imports and exports related equipments and components.

Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd

Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd

Established in 2004, Dalian KSB AMRI Co., Ltd is located in Dalian’s export processing zone and is a domestically registered subsidiary of KSB SE & CO KGaA.