Incredible energy savings of 57% thanks to system optimization

At its production plant in Talcahuano, CAP Acero is the main steel industry in Chile. To date, the water supply circuit to the primary and secondary gas scrubbing systems of the blast furnaces is driven by two fixed speed pumps with motor powers of 90 kW and 160 kW respectively. Together they represent a substantial cost factor in terms of energy consumption.

Energy efficiency

KSB's Fluid Future analyzes using tools such as Sonolyzer and PumpMeter validated that older pumps were designed for an operating point that is currently too high, so a decision was made to evaluate a suitable solution that would allow for increased efficiency of the pump system, a decrease in operating costs and high maintenance costs. In order to adapt the flow rate and be able to offer an optimal solution, it was offered to completely replace the existing unit. The pump offers increased reliability and modernizes the control system. The new pumps are equipped with KSB SuPremE® IE5 motors which enable enormous energy savings, particularly in the partial load range. This decision produced a drop in energy consumption of approximately 57% and a return on investment in less than 1 year.

The Meganorm range projected pump was equipped with a KSB SuPremE® PumpMeter and motor including PumpDrive2 variable speed systems. The pump was selected for a flow rate of 210 m³ / h. A single pump enough to cover all the demand.

The central operating element of the new system has a screen that visualizes the operation of the pump, the PumpDrive 2 adjusts to the system requirements, the adjustment to the operating point is obtained using the impeller in full diameter, varying the speed, maintaining the maximum pump efficiency.

Energy efficiency is optimized quickly and economically without interrupting the operating process and without mechanical clipping of the impeller.

PumpDrive2 can be parameterized by Bluetooth link and in turn obtain application-specific data records. Operational data can be provided via the integrated Modbus interface, enabling new service concepts and digital innovations.

Saving as much potential as possible, the upgrade was performed using FluidFuture®, KSB's comprehensive energy efficiency concept. The upgrade includes the optimization of all relevant systems.

The pump is now optimally matched to the actual demand, both hydraulically and electrically. The first benefit already indicated is sustainable savings of the order of 57%, increased reliability and greater operational continuity.


  • MEGA GROUP 125-80-200
  • PUMPDRIVE 2 (Variable Speed Drive KSB)