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Successful testing of KSB Guard in a Sanitary Company of the Metropolitan Region

KSB Guard was installed in KSB pumps belonging to Chile's largest sanitation company, with a concession that covers a large part of the metropolitan region serving 2 million homes, representing an estimated population of 8 million inhabitants. Company that has 1,800 professionals to meet the needs of all its clients.

KSB-customer relationship

Since its inception, KSB has been a strategic partner, accompanying it in the development of its hydraulic solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Currently, KSB has the largest installed park of pumps and valves in the extraction, treatment, transport and distribution of drinking water, transport and wastewater treatment applications.

Industry 4.0 and KSB Guard

Among the new challenges of our client, is the digital transformation, to adapt to this new information age. In this area, KSB is not oblivious to new market trends and has developed a series of products that allow our customers to obtain information on the operation of their pumps and thus be able to take corrective or operational improvement actions. Within this product range are the Pumpmeter, Sonolyzer and our latest innovation the KSB Guard.

In September 2018, KSB launched the KSB Guard, a vibration and temperature sensor, which sends measurements every hour to a storage cloud, which is processed through a Web portal or mobile App, to deliver to our clients the operating status, generating warnings and alerts, which allow the user to take actions to improve the operation. Additionally, the portal allows storing the technical data of the pump such as model, impeller recess, year of manufacture, drive, pump curve, design drawings, list of parts and pieces and maintenance history.

New challenges- new solutions

The great challenges for our client's maintenance department were, on the one hand, that a pumping system works without problems and, on the other, that it minimizes the expense involved in its inspection and maintenance. And with KSB Guard both goals are possible! Since you can get an overview of the data of all your pumps without having to be a person physically on site.

It is a solution that gives confidence, since it monitors the status of the pumps every hour and immediately notifies any deviation. This allows problems to be solved before more substantial damage occurs.

It also saves resources from the moment of installation, as the sensor unit is easy to install and the pumps are quickly registered on a web portal. In addition, it provides specific data on their status, helping to plan maintenance intervals, anticipating the results of the process.

KSB Guard, first test in Latin America

Thanks to the close relationship between the Sanitaria company and KSB Chile, and the need to monitor the operation of one of its most critical lifting plants, the maintenance department agreed to carry out a test with the KSB Guard in 3 of the 5 pumps of plant.

The drinking water lifting plant supplies water to the communes of La Reina and Las Condes, has 5 Omega 300-560 A pumps, with 500 Kw medium voltage motors, as a whole the plant pumps 1,700 l / s, becoming the most important plant in the company.

On June 3, 2019, a team of KSB technicians installed the devices on 3 of the 5 pumps and activated the pumps on the portal successfully, becoming the first KSB subsidiary in Latin America to successfully test the KSB Guard.

The monitoring lasted 3 months, without any interruption of the measurements and of great help for our client in the prevention of unexpected plant shutdowns.

Thanks to the success of this test, the KSB Guard was launched on the Chilean market in October 2019, being the third KSB subsidiary worldwide to have the KSB Guard available for commercialization.

For more information about the KSB Guard visit the site:

Products used

KSB Guard

KSB Guard

System for monitoring the condition of pumps: Sensors on the pump record vibration and temperature data, which is processed in the KSB Cloud. Information on the pump's condition can then be accessed via smartphone or computer. Easy to retrofit on pumps during operation. Components of the KSB Guard system: KSB Guard kit (comprising sensor unit and transmission and battery unit) and KSB Guard gateway. Access via the KSB Guard web portal (computer) or the KSB Guard app is required to retrieve operating data. Data from up to 40 pumps can be transmitted via one KSB Guard gateway.

KSB - one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial valves and pumps

Founded in 1871 in Frankenthal (Germany), KSB has been one of the leading suppliers of pumps and industrial valves for over 150 years. With more than 15,000 employees worldwide and its own sales and marketing, manufacturing facilities and service operations, KSB develops and produces custom-fit pumps for various applications.

As an experienced pump manufacturer, its product portfolio includes building and industrial technology, water transport, wastewater treatment and power plant processes. Thanks to innovative research and development, KSB can meet the most diverse requirements of customers. Benefit from many years of experience and technical expertise as a renowned pump manufacturer.

KSB pump manufacturers: the best solution for your plant
Industrial pumps and valves from KSB cover a wide range of applications and are highly energy-efficient. Products convince with the most innovative technology as well as with systems that have been tried and tested for many years - including the Etanorm water pump. Achieving more than 1.5 million sales worldwide, Etanorm is the most successful standard water pump. With KSB spare parts and services.

KSB ensures the operational reliability of its industrial pumps and valves. The KSB success formula for high-performance pumps lies in the technological strength in hydraulics, materials and automation.

Competent service right from the start
The numerous production facilities ensure that KSB as a pump manufacturer can guarantee customer proximity and first-class service. The experienced specialists are certified to ensure excellent quality and extensive experience. KSB Service takes care of the commissioning, inspection, servicing and maintenance of your pumps, valves and complete systems directly on site.  KSB also provide you with spare parts quickly. This means you get the best service directly from your pump manufacturer.