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STAAL 40 AKD/AKDS Gate valve

Gate valve STAAL 40 AKD/AKDS

Gate valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends (AKD) or butt weld ends (AKDS), with bolted bonnet, body of forged or welded construction, non-rotating stem, split wedge with flexibly mounted discs for precise alignment with the body seats. Seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant 17 % chrome steel.
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Main Applications

  • Chemical industry
  • Boiler feed applications
  • Boiler recirculation
  • Cooling circuits

Technical Data

Nominal pressure
PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40
Max. nominal size
DN 900
Max. allowed fluid temperature
450 °C

Material number list – STAAL 40 AKD/AKDS

87 products
Material number
STAAL40 AKD PN10 DN100 3.1/3.1PN 10DN 100With handwheelFlange DIN/EN66 kg48020182
STAAL40 AKD PN10 DN125 3.1/3.1PN 10DN 125With handwheelFlange DIN/EN77 kg48020183
STAAL40 AKD PN10 DN150 3.1/3.1PN 10DN 150With handwheelFlange DIN/EN121 kg48020184
STAAL40 AKD PN10 DN200 3.1/3.1PN 10DN 200With handwheelFlange DIN/EN182 kg48020185
STAAL40 AKD PN10 DN50 3.1/3.1PN 10DN 50With handwheelFlange DIN/EN18 kg48020179


  • Reliable, tight shut-off and service-friendly design
    • Wedge holder with flexibly mounted split wedge. Precise alignment of wedge discs with body seats; wedge discs are easy to replace.
    • Actuating moments are absorbed by the wedge holder guided in the body. No additional loads on the wedge discs and the seat/disc interface.

Technical Data

Shut off/control flow
Connection type
Butt weld ends
Design concept Drive
With electric actuator,
With handwheel
Casing material
Nominal pressure
PN 10,
PN 16,
PN 25,
PN 40
Max. nominal size
DN 900
Min. nominal size
DN 50
Max. allowed fluid temperature
450 °C
Min. allowed fluid temperature
-10 °C

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