Etaline Dry-installed pump

Dry-installed pump Etaline

Single-stage volute casing pump in in-line design, with magnetless KSB SuPremE motor of efficiency class IE4/IE5 and PumpDrive variable speed system; pump shaft and motor shaft are rigidly connected. With KSB SuPremE, a magnetless synchronous reluctance motor (exception: motor sizes 0.55 kW / 0.75 kW with 1500 rpm are designed with permanent magnets) of efficiency class IE4/IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2:2016, for operation on a KSB PumpDrive 2 or KSB PumpDrive 2 Eco variable speed system without rotor position sensors. Motor mounting points in accordance with EN 50347, envelope dimensions in accordance with DIN V 42673 (07-2011). ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Service water supply systems
  • Heating systems
  • Industrial recirculation systems
  • Air-conditioning systems

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
850 m3/h
Max. head
140 m
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Max. allowed fluid temperature
140 °C

Material number list – Etaline

902 products
Material number
ETL 032-032-160-GGSCV06WSEAP4HHB400VGGThree-phase current14501/min1.23ADN 320.55kWIE3 (Premium)140°Cwithout43.68 kg05135019
ETL 032-032-160-GGSCV06WSEAV4HHB400VGGThree-phase current14501/min1.925ADN 320.75kWIE3 (Premium)140°Cwithout42.48 kg05135018
ETL 032-032-160-GGSCV06WSEBA2HHB400VGGThree-phase current29001/min2.475ADN 321.1kWIE3 (Premium)140°Cwithout41.48 kg05135017
ETL 032-032-160-GGSCV06WSEBA4HHB400VGGThree-phase current14501/min2.64ADN 321.1kWIE3 (Premium)140°Cwithout50.56 kg05135016
ETL 032-032-160-GGSCV06WSEBI2HHB400VGGThree-phase current29001/min3.3ADN 321.5kWIE3 (Premium)140°Cwithout45.56 kg05135015


  • Maximum energy efficiency through demand-driven operation in combination with KSB SuPremE IE4/IE5 motorMotor sizes 0.55 kW / 0.75 kW with 1500 rpm are designed with permanent magnets. to IEC TS 60034-30-2:2016
  • PumpDrive 2 / PumpDrive 2 Eco perfectly matched to pump and motor by default factory parameter settings
  • Motor-mounted variable speed system up to 45 kW saves space

Technical Data

Connection type
Drive concept
With electric actuator
Max. flow rate
850 m3/h
Min. flow rate
2 m3/h
Max. head
140 m
Min. head
2 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz,
60 Hz
Mains voltage
220 V,
230 V,
240 V,
380 V,
400 V,
415 V,
460 V,
500 V,
575 V,
660 V,
690 V
Casing material
EN-GJL-250/A48 CL 35B
Nominal pressure
PN 16,
CL 125
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Suction behaviour
Max. allowed fluid temperature
140 °C
Min. allowed fluid temperature
-30 °C

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