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Your procurement needs are our priority. Discover e-commerce connections with KSB.

Want to connect your system with EDI, OCI or procurement platforms? You can rely on our expertise when it comes to this too.

E-commerce connections can result in efficiency and cost benefits for procurement processes. This is especially the case if you have high order volumes, particularly for KSB standard products.

Whether you need an EDI or OCI punchout connection or are looking to organise your procurement via a marketplace, we are experts in this field and can act as your reliable partner.

Besides providing the best products for your project, KSB will also work with you to optimise your procurement process.

Besides providing the best products for your project, KSB will also work with you to optimise your procurement process.

Get connected: an integrated e-commerce solution with KSB offers you many advantages:

  • 30% fewer errors overall
  • Save time and energy
  • 0% errors due to automated processes
  • No waiting times
  • 100% control over all orders
  • 100% digital

Our short video provides an overview of our connection solutions:

Is an integrated e-business solution with KSB right for me? Yes, if you

  • Handle a high number of orders

  • Order large quantities of standard products

  • Want to digitalise your procurement process to make it more efficient

KSB is an expert in all available connection technologies:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) automates your ordering process by exchanging order documents and information via secure data transfer protocols, eliminating the need for manual processes.
  • OCI punchout combines ordering via our online shop with data exchange via an EDI connection.
  • Procurement portals such as SAP Ariba offer seamless integration of supplier shops into your procurement process. We will be happy to advise you on integrating our online shop.

Can’t wait to get started?

Get in touch with us and together we will find the best solution for your company.

Wir unterstützen Sie gerne und freuen uns über Ihre Anfrage.

Success stories. Read here how KSB customers are already benefiting from e-commerce connections.

tea-Referenz DEWE (1)

DEWEtech – a connection with many advantages.

Wholesale is characterised by a high proportion of standard products and high order volumes. DEWEtech and KSB exchange order data and documents via an EDI connection, thus significantly reducing the manual workload and error rate.