Consultancy and Analysis

    Evaluate the operating reliability and efficiency of your pumps and systems with smart tools and services from KSB. In some cases, the operating point can be analysed within seconds.

    Measuring the fan noise of an asynchronous motor with the KSB Sonolyzer app
    Technical consultancy for pumps and valves

    Technical Consultancy

    As a full-range supplier, KSB is on hand to advise you in every stage of the life cycle of your product or system.

    • Cost savings via system optimisation
    • Increasing system availability
    Energy efficiency consulting (Fluid Future) for pumps and valves

    Energy Efficiency Consulting

    Optimise your system’s energy efficiency in four steps using FluidFuture®. KSB’s systematic approach ensures maximum energy savings.

    • Systematic analysis
    • Clear recommendations for action
    Identification of energy-saving potential (Sonolyzer)

    Identification of Energy-Saving Potential

    KSB Sonolyzer® is a smartphone app from KSB which analyses the motor sound of your asynchronous motor to identify whether your pump is operating efficiently or whether too much energy is being consumed.

    • Free download
    • Analysis within seconds
    SES System Efficiency Service

    SES System Efficiency Service

    Pumps that are not optimally matched to the system consume too much energy. Thanks to SES System Efficiency Service from KSB, this doesn’t have to be the case.

    • Energy efficiency analysis
    • Damage analysis
    Well pump measurement

    Well pump measurement

    Overall efficiency is a crucial factor in groundwater pumping. KSB performs specialised measurements to assess the cost-effectiveness of the pumping process and develops optimisation proposals.

    • Determine overall efficiency
    • Identify savings opportunities


    KSB service staff can carry out installation and supervision as well as handling the commissioning of pumps, valves and entire systems. So you will be on time and ready for operation: wherever you are in the world. Reliability and safety right from the start.



    Service and spare parts solutions from KSB make for smooth operation of pumps and valves to ensure unparalleled availability. Of course, KSB service specialists also take care of products from other manufacturers.

    Repairs of pumps and valves


    KSB offers tailor-made service and state-of-the-art spare parts solutions for the repair of pumps, valves, motors and other rotating equipment of all makes. KSB service specialists are there to support you – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – worldwide.