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KSB Shanghai celebrated 2 major events successfully

On Oct 29 to Oct 30, 2021, two major events were held in KSB Shanghai plant, the 2021 Q3 Asia North Town Hall Meeting and the German Oktoberfest.

In the morning, around 200 employees participated in the Town Hall Meeting from the tent built up in KSB Shanghai plant for the Oktoberfest, and 300 more attended the meeting from various places in different entities via live broadcasting. Panel discussions in four main topics, Financial Performance, Customer Partnership, Operation Excellence and People Excellence, attracted employees' interests, triggered inspiring Q&A sessions and received strong employee recognition. 

In the late afternoon, over 300 guests including customers and employees gathered in the festive decorated tent. They witnessed the new product launch of Integrated Pump House, Amacontrol IIV and Hyamat CN Booster Set, and also enjoyed the German style Oktoberfest with traditional performances and German food.

On the next day, Oct 30 Saturday, the party of Oktoberfest extended and held 250 colleagues from KSB Shanghai, celebrating the KSB 150th anniversary and KSB Shanghai 26th anniversary.