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KSB Service Partners

KSB’s service partners: the service network for your pumps and system

When it comes to servicing pump systems, swift and comprehensive help is crucial. KSB’s customers can count on high levels of technical expertise from KSB’s service partners for pumps and more.

KSB’s service partners provide quick and competent help whenever pump systems require servicing

KSB customers can rely on qualified and fast assistance during any service intervention at their filling stations: KSB service partners. The KSB network of service partners guarantees comprehensive coverage of technical and industrial equipment as well as water and sewage equipment with extensive service for pumps, motors, fittings and automation products.

Whether family homes or office buildings, waste water treatment plants, pumping stations or industrial facilities: KSB’s service partners can handle all tasks relating to selection, delivery, installation, commissioning, repair and inspection.

KSB trains its service partners to ensure that they know every pump set right down to the smallest detail and can perform professional inspection, maintenance and even repair work. KSB’s service partners also advise on the energy-efficient use and operation of pump systems and on digital solutions for preventive maintenance.

And what is more: For cases when help is needed outside of normal business hours, KSB’s service partners also operate an emergency service: Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our service partners are at your disposal.

Our portfolio

  • Technical consultancy
  • Sale and installation of KSB products
  • Commissioning of electronically controlled and conventional systems, including bus system
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Repair – including other manufacturers’ pumps
  • Energy efficiency analyses
  • Comprehensive stock of spare parts

Your benefits

  • Round-the-clock availability 
  • Based right around the corner and quickly on site 
  • Short repair times 
  • High level of technical expertise thanks to regular training in accordance with KSB standards